What the Hell Were You Thinking?

Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose…and Garrison Keillor?

I suppose there will be some accusations which are unfair or untrue.
For the rest, what the hell were you guys thinking? That work was a place to find, recruit and abuse young women? For decades this went on, and you were not fired.
Did you think you’d never get caught? Really?

I was taught to respect women, in the workplace and elsewhere. It’s especially odd that media and entertainment people are involved, since some young women can easily rise through the ranks and gain influence. 

Apparently Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and Harvey Weinstein could not imagine that their victims would become respected and influential enough to be believed. 

Forget for a moment that all this is just wrong from any moral standard you can imagine. 

What the hell were you thinking?

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8 Responses to What the Hell Were You Thinking?

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Probably something like this:
    value of benefit * perceived likelihood of benefit > perceived likelihood of punishment * cost of punishment

    that is the entire short version. A good place to stop reading.

    The fundamental values from both the cost and benefit side of the equation are somewhat alien when you’re talking about someone from either Hollywood or DC. For one thing, there is an enormous mat of money to land on if you fall, and virtue, honor, and dignity are all fairly low value, at least in the traditional sense. I mean, that is evidenced by what they did. Virtue, in particular, the left has given them a get out of jail card for lack of virtue: The Virtue Signal (TM). Plus, given that Roman Polanski is still a free man, they have evidence that if you’re famous enough, you can get away with practically anything and still manage to keep a fairly good reputation among the few people whose opinions you care about. Losing your job is a lot less painful once you have 10 million dollars sitting in the bank. For the director, at the least, that’s closer to what he keeps in his wallet to buy lunch. (only exaggeration in this entire thing.)

    (as an aside, I totally guarantee you Polanski could motivate a billion dollars worth of Star power to promote him virtue signaling, should he ever decide to speak on the subject, on the dangers of child or women’s exploitation in Hollywood and elsewhere, like the whole subject had nothing to do with him. )

    Because the costs side is so low, both from their evaluation of the cost of the punishment and their evaluation of the likelihood of it ever actually happening (and people’s evaluation of rare events are always wrong) the benefits side doesn’t have to be high at all before they start pulling their penis out. Or whatever.

    In the end for it to happen less, you pretty much either have to step up the punishment, or to have actors, reporters, and politicians develop a sense of human dignity. Frankly it would be easier to teach an octopus chess.


  2. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    What the hell were you thinking?

    They were using their small head to think.

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  3. The Shoveler says:

    Power is a hell of a drug.

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  4. Russ says:

    They were thinking their progressivism was a shield. And until the Harvey Weinstein thing, it might have been.

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  5. JorgXMcKie says:

    It’s really not that hard to treat other humans with dignity and courtesy and kindness. But some, too many, are not even willing to make that small effort. The answer might be like how such people were handled where I grew up. Male family members or male good friends of the family would beat them until they got the point. Should charges be brought no change of venue would be requested and they’d be tried by a jury of their true peers. Verdict of “Not Guilty” would take maybe five minutes. Situation solved.
    Those who never got the point seemed to go missing, Maybe just moved on or something.

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  6. Rain says:

    what were they thinking?
    I lean toward the standard hypocrisy of it’s ok when they do it. As if they are so morally bankrupt that it didnt occur to any of the credibly accused that they were actually doing anything wrong…obviously those who made payoffs were aware that the object of their attentions weren’t happy but the payoffs were to make them STFU and go away, the fact that the accused continued to be predators shows that they didnt think THEY were doing anything actually “wrong”…

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    • Grace says:

      OR… the pervs were so convinced they were so insulated and teflon-coated they would never be held to account.

      Again… as The Shoveler perfectly stated:

      “Power is a hell of a drug.”

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