This Has to be Fake News

Except that reputable outlets are running with it…

Cub Scout Den Banishes 11 Year Old For Daring To Ask Legislator About Gun Control

A precocious 11 year old Cub  Scout, Ames Mayfield dared to ask his Colorado State Senator Vickie Marble, some tough but pertinent questions. He is involved in his school politics because this has become a passion for him. He did an outstanding job but the questions were critical. As a consequence, he was kicked out of his cub scout den.

Image result for PHOTOS OF Ames Mayfield’ DENVER

It sounds like the Den leader needs a civics lesson. While kicking him out might be in some technical way legal…it sure is dumb.  The question was about gun control, and it seemed like the kid (or his parents) were in favor of stricter rules. It doesn’t matter.


Google this morning.

 “The Scouts did not explicitly say he was kicked out of the den. In a statement to The Post and local media outlets the Denver Area Council of the Boy Scouts said only that he remains a member of the larger pack,  and that the organization is working with the family to offer him options that will “allow him to continue his Scouting experience in a way that fits his and his family’s needs.”

Which sounds to me like the Boy Scouts Council is saying “it’s the family that’s screwed up, not us…” Which is wrong.

I disagree with the question, or the premise behind it. I doubt the kid wrote the questions he “prepared.” The kid came with multiple questions. I’m betting Mom or Dad had a hand. But if a state senator visits the cub scouts, they might expect to hear political questions. 

And if you want to train up solid citizens, you need to expect that some of them will express opinions on the issues of the day.

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