Point, Counter-Point With a Liberal


This guy made sense for a while… Link

With progressives disinviting not only conservative speakers but even centrist or left of center freethinkers—and others shouting down anyone they disagree with rather than engaging in thoughtful dialogue—conservatives have been vocal about the importance of free speech.

…then this happened:

As it turns out, conservatives also support free speech only when they agree with what’s being said and abandon their principles when someone says something they disagree with.

It’s as wrong to say Ann Coulter should be deplatformed as it is to say NFL players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired.

Are you offended when football players kneel? Get over it. Free speech means you will be offended from time to time.

My Response:

Conservatives understand that being fired is a consequence of saying unpopular things. A private company can, and most private companies do, police the public statements (gestures) of their employees.

Rioting because a conservative is going to speak at the union, or trashing a Starbucks because of the global patriarchy…we conservatives figure the police should intervene to arrest the violent activists.

Think of it this way: If Anne Coulter wins, we have greater responsibility over our actions. If Antifa wins, it is only a matter of time before Dave DuBay steps out of line and is silenced. But not by a conservative.

Somehow I’m not really sure I can get through. But I still try. I’m not trolling, I’m just reaching out.

That’s what I tell myself.

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1 Response to Point, Counter-Point With a Liberal

  1. Free speech is protected speech only in the sense that the government cannot take it away, unless you’re a soldier in basic training. Even Generals, when trying to share opinions, aren’t protected by the First Amendment when the President says shut up. Maybe it’s a function of decorum and tradition that you don’t practice free speech when disagreeing with boss so you can keep being an advisor. Or keep your job.

    If Ann Coulter is removed from a platform in which she broadcasts her political speak, is she being denied her First Amendment rights? Unless she is spouting on a corner for free, her speech on another person’s platform where she is paid or someone is paying for the microphone and transmission, she is rightly limited in her ability to speak her mind – if she wants to keep using the platform. If she owns the platform and pay the bills, then by all means it’s all open season on any topic.

    And that applies to the NFL players. Goodell’s mission for the NFL is to make it more than just football. Players are in the limelight which Goodell sees as an opportunity to win over fans beyond the traditional game on the field. NFL players are good people! They make a difference! To him, that’s just good marketing, which equates to more money in the pocket, unless you’re Tom Brady and your balls are flat or you hit your girlfriend, knock her out, and the security tape gets released.

    Goodell’s tightrope gymnastics to preserve his idea of a cultural and community centric organization, (and oh, yeah, play on Thursday’s, occasional Saturday’s, 21 straight Sunday’s and a few Monday’s to get fans to watch TV and buy expensive tickets) has caused more problems for the future of the league than he wants to admit. All he has to do is watch the steady decline of ratings and increase in empty stadium seats. I’m sure NFL owners are probably thinking, “Wait, the revenue is down because of what?”

    When the players decided to protest, fans became incensed. Believing the NFL is marketing anthem and flag hating players goes against their patriotic beliefs, fans are staying home and turning off the TV, checking more items off the honey-do lists. Home Depot managers are excited about the swelling crowds on those fall Sundays.

    Liberals, who despise football to begin with, are rallying behind the players, chanting how much free speech is important and telling the angry fans don’t be offended,.which is just irony on steroids. Imagine a snowflake trying to defend a 320 lb defensive lineman from angry fans… yeah.. no.

    I can imagine what would happen if I led a protest march into the main conference room and shouted, “No peace no justice!” when the bosses were making a sales pitch to a potential client. After all, it’s political speak and who cares if the boss, potential client and everyone else in the office is offended by my free speech which may or may not include the bird and excessive flatulence.

    Do I just tell them not to be offended especially after I just negotiated for a new safe space that allows hispanic C# programmers suffering from white male counterparts heavily invested in the male patriarchy to be able to write code without fear? I would like to think my employers are patriotic Americans who value my rights as a citizen and showcase me to my colleagues and our customers, praising my patriotic display of resistance!

    So when I and other fans turn off the TV, or leave the stadium en masse, and some jackwad wants to tell me that I need to get over myself, my response is the same: “The NFL is a product that I pay to watch, whether it’s my DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscription or I’m sitting at the game. I didn’t come to watch a political rally. No way do I want to pay $100 a seat to watch millionaires playing a game of physical violence tell me how much they want me to pay attention to their social justice issues they themselves have little involvement.”

    The difference is, if I am to be offended, I don’t have to pay for it and have every right to exercise my freedom of the wallet and spend my money somewhere less offending. When the players salaries are cut because the people aren’t paying to occupy a seat and cheer, watch how quickly social justice issues they couldn’t solve fall by wayside. Same goes for Coulter. Once you lose the audience, so goes the money and the influence.

    The bottom line is, Ann Coulter being shuttered and players protests being denied are no more violations of Free Speech when they are trying to make money or representing their employers. Political speech is protected when protesting against the government and speaking against policies and evil politicians. To do this at your work, is to write your own pink slip. It has been my experience that employers are more likely to replace you with more focused, compliant, and quieter candidates.

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