Why Russian PSYOPS Do Not Matter

John Hoge and Buzzfeed note that Russian PSYOPS convinced Americans to organize protests and even start self-defense lessons…and the lies told by the Ruskies matter.

They don’t matter. The notion that the Russians influenced Americans is a symptom of a broader problem, which we caused.

The American educational establishment teamed with the Race Outrage Industry™  to create an America of distrust. 

Where did the hippies go? Those with the ability became teachers, professors and educational experts. They taught students to question authority — except theirs. They taught our young people to empathize with the other guy by saying we must “walk a mile in his shoes…”*  The result is, we have young people who think with their hearts, and not with their critical thinking skills. 

They’ve convinced young people that the First Amendment does not protect hate speech, and they expect that everything mildly discomforting is hate speech.

And at times, they just teach false things. Link. h/t Ace


It is not just the educational establishment that has failed us. The Race Outrage Industry™ has operated for decades, convincing young black men that all whites are evil.

For months there were protests lead by chants of  “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” to honor an individual whose hands weren’t up, and who didn’t say those things.  Justified police shootings of armed individuals turn into reasons for the “black community” to take to the streets. 

I understand protesting the unfair and different treatment of black people by police, but come on. Where is the protest about the thousands of black men gunned down by thousands of other black men? Have you ever heard a denunciation of the gangs which infest the inner city, or the politicians whose policies in Democratically run cities lead to less success for black people?

Until the gun violence ends, there will be no economic success in any place. Those guns are mostly in the waistbands of young, urban youth. Tell me I’m wrong, then show me the large number of Starbucks in the hood.

There are others to blame, the media, weak-minded politicians. The list goes on.

Why are the Russians no big deal? Because we have been nearly defeated by educational institutions, race-baiters on the left, and by people who are too afraid to speak the truth. 

In some quarters, conservative, patriotic Americans are hinting that this cannot sustain itself. These whispers are from rational and otherwise normal people.

They say the path we are on right now — apparently chosen by some Americans — will either lead to destruction and rebellion…or separation. 

I don’t agree, but such talk was lunacy a generation ago. Today, not so much.



*The fallacy here is that it is impossible to walk a mile in the shoes of someone whose ancestors were kicked off their land or brought to this one in chains. These same folks will judge people whose parents and grandparents were exterminated by the Germans…but SHUT UP they say. Empathy is great, but if that’s your only tool, then you’re a tool. 


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