Can He Just Stop? Please?

This is not what he was hired for.


Link to the article in the Daily Mail. 

According to the story, a car-full of people heard Trump speak very awkwardly about a soldier who was killed in combat.


  • Rep. Frederica Wilson said she was sitting beside the grieving widow when Trump said on speakerphone that the slain solider ‘knew what he signed up for’
  • The widow ‘was in tears. And she said, “He didn’t even remember his name!”‘
  • Heartbreaking footage later showed Johnson, who is pregnant with the couple’s third child, sobbing over her husband’s flag-draped coffin

It all could be made up…but that would require all the folks in the car agreeing to fib about what Trump said. Given Trump’s habit of running at the mouth, I figure it is more likely that he flubbed the phone call.

He’s just not very good at being presidential.

We used to have presidents who were okay at looking presidential, as long as the teleprompter worked. They were lousy on policy. Apparently that has now flipped.

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3 Responses to Can He Just Stop? Please?

  1. crawford421 says:

    Freakerica Wilson has been walking back the story. Don’t believe the first claims on any of these stories.

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  3. JorgXMcKie says:

    Wilson is one of those weirdos who manage to get elected to Congress and then get even more weird but keep getting elected. An Am Govt prof I had in graduate school once told us “Look at any electoral district at any level in the US and you’ll find some strange people who are entirely representative of those who keep voting for them.” My guess is that her constituents are just as weird as she is.


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