If You Disrupt a Speech Because You Disagree…

Congratulations, you’re a fascist.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too strong. Perhaps you’re a college student who just wants to signal your virtue, and you’re caught up in a wave of protests. Who hasn’t stumbled into this kind of thing?

Wisconsin and North Carolina have warned students against infringing the speech of others by disrupting events on campus.

Jonathan Turley:

The Board of Regents adopted a policy which states that students found to have twice engaged in violence or other disorderly conduct that disrupts others’ free speech would be suspended. Students found to have disrupted others’ free expression three times would be expelled.

Wisconsin System President Ray Cross announced that “Perhaps the most important thing we can do as a university is to teach students how to engage and listen to those with whom they differ.” Amen.

In North Carolina, the General Assembly passed a law.

Democracy cannot exist if one group has a heckler’s veto over the speech of others. Amen, indeed.


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1 Response to If You Disrupt a Speech Because You Disagree…

  1. Just broken says:

    Thank you for your constant drum beat of reason in the face of insanity.

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