Anecdotal  evidence that rape is about power: Harvey Weinstein.

I’ve never understood when rape experts say that rape is about power, and not about sex. It always sounded like “bank robbery is about access to the vault, and not the money.”

I still think a lot of rape is about sex.

On the other hand, I assume Harvey Weinstein’s behavior is perfectly in line with the theory that there’s more at work here.

If you’re both a pervert and a rich movie executive, I suppose you can buy all the sex you need, unless your particular perversion includes harassing young women who you have power over. He didn’t just want sex, he wanted to humiliate and coerce.

There’s no honor in hiring a professional to do your bidding, but nobody would care either. “Rich man hires escort/call girl”? Hardly a headline.

On the other hand, as Ace has pointed out, NBC News didn’t want the story, and plenty of people needed to ignore his behavior in order to have this go on for decades. Women who are now high profile actresses did not say anything until the story broke. This guy seems to make Bill Clinton and Roman Polanski look like amateurs.

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