Ben Shapiro Lectures California Lawmakers on “Hate Speech”

He tells them the “heckler’s veto” must be stopped. Good for him.

The Blaze:

“And I’d like to make a point here about UC Berkeley,” Shapiro said. “The reason it cost $600,000 to bring me to UC Berkeley was not because of me. Everybody keeps suggesting that because I was coming, I’m so controversial and so terrible. I came exactly one year before and it cost this many dollars, it cost zero dollars for security at UC Berkeley.”

“The reason it cost $600,000 at UC Berkeley is because Antifa and violent groups had decided that Berkeley was their domain and they were going to run roughshod over law enforcement there,” 

Give ’em hell.

Antifa, and the foolish students who go along are responsible for violence and vandalism at conservative events.  Call it “hate speech” and apparently thousands of activists begin to feel entitled to destroy things. Like the windows at Starbucks.


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