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Because They Are Exactly Alike…

Except for the hatred for Jews, plans to conquer the world and his penchant for mass murder.  Because Donald Trump did something pragmatic  got up this morning, Slate needs to compare him to Hitler.     Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  … Continue reading

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Paul White Just Put Another Song in My Head

    Source: Sign language

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Hey, He Offered Them Shelter

From The Freedom Daily: From the “Felons Can’t be Choosers Dept.” Washington Post reports: “Never before did I think that we’d be beat up for giving people a warning and keeping people safe,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd  told local television crews. “But hey, that’s … Continue reading

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This is Not What Peace Looks Like

Pamela Geller essay. The jihadis came to conquer America and looking back sixteen years later, they have had a good measure of success. The media, universities, schools, culture, etc has submitted to a good measure of islamization. Those who oppose … Continue reading

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Canada: Antifa Threatens Violence at a Conference Discussing Anti-Islamaphobia

The House of Commons passed an “anti Islamaphobia” motion. Not quite a law, but it could lead to some actual legislation. So, a statement against what some think is bigotry against Islam. Or a statement designed to quiet any criticism … Continue reading

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Well, This Really Can’t Be Good

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I’m Not the Only One Who Figures This is a Blacklist

The David Horowitz Freedom Center sent this out today: The Left is trying to put the Freedom Center on a blacklist of “hate groups” and run it out of business. The leftists masterminding the blacklist get results by convincing sites … Continue reading

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I Have a Free Lawyer, Can I Spend My Own Money?

Bill Schmalfeldt has promised to publish a letter which he has sent to John Hoge’s attorney about Schmalfeldt’s Lolsuit. Actually, Mr. Nettles represents all of the defendants in the case, including Sarah of BillySez. Follow the links for great discussions … Continue reading

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Hey, I Live There!

  Been there, done that. Many times. The places hardest hit will be in Florida. Places that always get flooded will flood again. The ground is pretty saturated right now in North Carolina, so downed trees and electrical lines are … Continue reading

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Antifa is Not Hate Hate

So don’t expect the Southern Poverty Law Center to add them to the Hate Group List. h/t Legal Insurrection, link to Washington Examiner. He [Richard Cohen, head of SLPC] said, however, the SPLC won’t label antifa a “hate group” because … Continue reading

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