Art Censored After Threats by Animal Rights Activists

Link to Fast Company:

New York’s Guggenheim Museum said it will not include three works in an upcoming exhibition after they sparked the ire of animal rights groups. The exhibition, “Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World,” included three works that critics said promoted cruelty to animals–including one called “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” which reportedly included footage of pit bulls on treadmills.

I don’t know if this is the terrible abusive footage, or some other footage of the dogs that run on treadmills, but the dogs don’t seem abused.


The museum initially defended showing the works, saying it valued freedom of expression, but it said in a statement yesterday that threats of violence have forced it to reconsider out of concern for the safety of its visitors. It added that it is “dismayed” over having to basically self-censor its exhibition…


People magazine used this headline:

After Extreme Backlash, Guggenheim Museum Decides Against Showing Art Exhibit Featuring Dogs Strapped to Treadmills Trying to Fight Each Other

I think they just wanted to sniff. It’s what they do.

The “artwork” was not removed out of concern for the dogs, but because of violent threats from the left, against people.


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4 Responses to Art Censored After Threats by Animal Rights Activists

  1. Kmbuchanan says:

    Censorship won, that’s what is disgusting here.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    I stopped caring for the opinions of animal rights groups roughly the time that I discovered that many of them are headed by people who would like to eliminate the Canis lupus familiaris subspecies. Basically, they’d like to kill all the dogs, because they’re “incapable of living without people.”

    Though generally I think that the more that someone presents themselves like a sideshow, the less I cared for what they were selling all the way back to childhood. I remember in my childhood hearing stories about them releasing animals without care for the consequences, blocking whaling vessels, throwing dye on people wearing fur, etc. And, well, this was hearing it on the big 3 networks, back before cable was all that common. Even on the issues I felt some agreement on, their antics more or less turned me off. I’ve always been overly fond of order. Perhaps my biggest failing.

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    • I reported on some of these guys when I worked radio news. They generally wanted to be arrested for publicity and cred. Solving the issues of pollution, management of timber resources…etc, did not interest them.

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      • onwyrdsdream says:

        I feel that people who draw attention rather than suggest solutions don’t really care that much about their issue, they just care about letting others know they care about the issue. I’ve seen it called virtue signaling. But if the things they’re signaling can be counted as virtue, then virtue itself is meaningless.

        Unfortunately, I feel I’m more suited to the technical side of radio rather than being in front of the mike. Building an antenna or figuring out why an amplifier exploded is pretty fun. Sitting in front of a mike? I’d rather go the Thomas Jefferson written state of the union route.


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