How Can You Fix This?

A Penn State history and English major misses the mark:

It is true that under the law, we are granted the freedom of speech, assembly and press; however, using these freedoms in such a way that does not foster the wellbeing of all citizens, not just a single group, is unjust.

Actually, our Founding Fathers agreed that it is the role of government to preserve the rights which God gave. The law grants me nothing.  Please don’t tell me what is unjust, and how I only have the right to speak as long as I “…foster the welbeing of all citizens…”

[By the way, spellcheck says it is well being.]

When a group of people use the freedoms expressed in the First Amendment to discriminate and tear others down, they do not deserve to have such freedoms. Those that use this freedom for the well-being of all people have a right to encourage others to follow by their example.

Once again, I’m not sure “…they don’t deserve to have such freedoms…” is a phrase which you’ll find in the United State’s Constitution, or in the writings of the Framers. Apparently this writer would like to fast track certain speech out of existence. That’s not how this works.

I don’t think the author of the essay should be hounded by internet jackals for these silly notions. I just wonder how such a thing happens. A junior history major at a major (as in expensive) school can write this without being embarrassed.

The new Skeptic magazine has a good article about the Berkeley riots, called Radically Wrong in Berkeley.” It’s worth a read. There are errors of fact, but the tone is correct: The left is making itself look very bad — by trying to limit other people’s right to free expression.

Raymond Barglo:

Violent demonstrations in Berkeley, purporting to “fight fascism,” fuel it [the image of the left as anti-free speech] instead; they not only communicate a negative image of the left to the entire country but also confirm the convictions of the assaulted right-wing protestors: the violent opposition that they encounter, which is abetted by the inaction of the Berkeley police,1 reinforces their conception of the left as antagonistic to talk that it does not like. They leave our town strongly convinced that the left is an enemy of free speech.

That’s because it’s true.



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11 Responses to How Can You Fix This?

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    When a group of people use the freedoms expressed in the First Amendment to discriminate and tear others down, they do not deserve to have such freedoms.”

    So that means if I feel attacked by anything this dude says I can have his speech cut off right? If someone says mean things about Christians I can have them silenced? If someone dares disagree with my viewpoint I can permanently muzzle them?

    It makes me sad that we are raising and ‘educating’ such a generation of morons.

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  2. It’s not that they are morons. They’ve just soaked up such nonsense over the years.

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  3. Kmbuchanan says:

    How Can You….so glaringly contradict The Constitution of The United States of America and NOT be considered a moron?

    Once upon a time I was a democrat and moderately liberal….the new “breed” shot that to shit. I won’t have anything to do with politics any more. All I can say is any extreme, right or left is untenable.

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  4. Hoosier Native says:

    Majoring in history and a English, and completely missing the mark on both.

    Whoever is paying Penn State for this idiot’s “education” needs to get a refund,

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  5. We are not “granted” rights.

    They are inalienable.

    The Constitution restricts government from infringing on those rights.

    That History Department should be dissolved, and all the degrees they awarded, recalled.

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  6. onwyrdsdream says:

    You can tell this person is a collectivist, not by the argument that it is for the “wellbeing of all citizens” – the collective, but that it was weighed against “a single group.” Neither the all nor the group touch on the individual, which is pretty much what the bill of rights is all about; the individual’s right to exist and express himself apart from the collective. Rather, the royalty we broke away from was one of the ultimate forms of collectivism, investing the will of an entire people into the choices of a single individual chosen from a single family, largely by the will of the previous holder of all power. The rights of the individual to make his own choices, to make and hear all kinds of arguments, and to act upon his own will is intrinsic in this Nation’s creation, and continues on to this day. To go against it is to go against the liberty that made it the most successful country time has ever seen.


    “When a group of people use the freedoms expressed in the First Amendment to discriminate and tear others down, they do not deserve to have such freedoms.”

    Let me indicate a minor oversight by the individual that wrote that. We are not you, and you’re using your freedom of expression to tear us down. Honestly, the only reason we even care is that you seek the power to deny others rights. Mind, we’d still make the counter argument if you didn’t, because stupidity should never be left to stand in the marketplace of ideas, but we care because you’d take our rights if you could. And remarkably, we respond with argument and reason, not bricks and fire, like the people who agree with you. Tear down our arguments all you want with your freedom of expression, if you’re capable, but don’t expect us to give up our ability to reply. History is dotted with the corpses of those who surrendered their freedom little by little until they no longer had any means to resisting. The NAZIs your side likes to bring up over and over again? This is what they did. It will not be dotted with ours because some stupid collectivists cannot see the good of the individual. Even if we have to stand as an individual against collectivist tanks. We stand now, so it will not come to that.

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  7. onwyrdsdream says:

    It is true that under the law, we are granted the freedom of pizza topping; however, using this freedom in such a way that does not foster the wellbeing of all citizens, not just a single group, is unjust.

    When a group of people order a pizza others can’t eat, they do not deserve to have such pizzas. Those that order pizza everyone can eat have right to encourage others to follow by their example.

    How dare these heathen pizza topping NAZIs think that anchovies and green olives are ok? Some of us are strict vegans, not to mention gluten intolerant.

    And of course none of the fascist NAZIs respect the plight buying olives puts indigenous peoples under, or the impact all that fuel will have on the, as Al Gore so correctly put it, the polarized bears.

    Pizza toppings should only be those that we can all agree on. No meat, obviously. No wheat. No cheese. No tomatoes. Some of us have allergies. Why can’t you all be happy with the plate full of organic, sustainable, locally produced broccoli pizza? I think this is the best common ground for us all.

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  8. LurkieLou says:

    I will agree to your proposal to limit speech. But only if I get to be the judge.

    Oh! You thought you would be the judge? Nevermind, then.


    • onwyrdsdream says:

      The left does love creating law that can be abused when the other side comes to power. From rules for radicals, there is the line, “make them live by their own rules.” From a strategic standpoint, we should make them suffer the consequences of their own law. This comes in many forms, from enforcing laws equally on their numbers, forcing a balanced budget, and generally making it so that neither the downsides nor the upsides are not felt one-sidedly.


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