The Left Won’t Fight Evil, Chooses to Fight Other Things Instead

Dennis Prager hits the nail on the head.

For example, the left relentlessly fights racism in America, even though America is the least racist multiracial society in history; it relentlessly fights sexism in America, the country that has afforded unprecedented equality and liberty to women (but it does not fight the terrible sexism that pervades the world’s most women-suppressing societies — those in the Muslim world); and, of course, it fights Nazis and white supremacists — who, though evil, constitute an utterly negligible threat to America today. Fighting Nazis in Germany between 1933 and 1945 was an act of moral heroism. Given their negligible numbers and nonexistent power, fighting Nazis in America in 2017 is an act of moral onanism.  

There’s a lot more on the list of made-up or lesser evils that the left fights instead of fighting real evil. It fights religious Americans, specifically religious Christians and especially evangelicals. Now that’s an enemy worth fighting — those mean Christians (and Jews) on the religious right. And it fights conservatives, or at least the conservatives who fight them.

And, of course, it fights global warming. Leftists have convinced themselves that the real fight against evil in the world today is not against Islamism; it’s against carbon emissions.

And now, we can add statues to the list.

All those “child victim’s advocates” and “anti fascist” organizers and not a word about child rape, mutilation of small girls and the genocide/cleansing of Christians from the former “Holy Land.”  

How long does the left plan on lecturing the right, about things which we fully support: racial equality, workplace fair treatment for all, and Jim Crow — the racial apartheid designed to support the southern Democratic traditions?

The statues are easy. Hardly anybody wants to be accused of being pro-Confederacy, or white supremacist. We’ve pointed out here time and time again that the anti fascism folks show all the symptoms of being actual fascists. Tearing down statues of previous rulers — in a jealous rage that someone might have had a different view.  That’s a very fascist thing.

If a large white supremacist cabal didn’t already exist in America, the left would have to invent it. Wait? What? 

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3 Responses to The Left Won’t Fight Evil, Chooses to Fight Other Things Instead

  1. paralleldino says:

    This is easy to understand.

    Leftists preach/protest/scream/carry on for the purpose of making themselves feel virtuous. So of course they will gravitate towards issues that run the least risk of principled opposition. It takes no courage at all to advocate for equal rights for women and racial minorities under the law–because they know how vanishingly small the chances are that anyone will offer any opposition at all.

    In contrast, hundreds of millions of people across the world believe it is God’s will that Sharia law be the supreme civil law. Those true believers are very likely to oppose anyone simply trying to feel virtuous by advocating (e.g.) Western notions about individual liberty.

    So put yourself in the unconscious mind of a Leftist. If he goes and marches against racism, everyone he sees that day will tell him how brave and true he is, and he will feel great! But marching against Sharia law runs the risk of being accused of “cultural imperialism” (seriously harshing his mellow, man).

    Bottom line: leftists are less than ineffective. Their choices of which issues to focus on betray them as cowards, only doing what they do for selfish, cheap emotional gratification.

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    • LurkyLou says:

      Plus, leftists are a profoundly unhappy lot. Life has dealt them a crummy deal and it’s somebody else’s fault. Never their own fault. Ever. Their behavior is completely justified because they are ANGRY!!!

      So they pick easy and popular (to them) targets to lash out upon.

      The most famous current examples, Hillary Clinton. And the idiot basement dwellers that dress in black and think they are a violent, righteous movement.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    The left doesn’t like fighting against things with the power or desire to fight back. True evil would bite on to you until you are dead. They prefer evil with flat, cud chewing teeth.

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