Canada: Antifa Threatens Violence at a Conference Discussing Anti-Islamaphobia

The House of Commons passed an “anti Islamaphobia” motion.

Not quite a law, but it could lead to some actual legislation.

So, a statement against what some think is bigotry against Islam. Or a statement designed to quiet any criticism of Islam. I’m not convinced. 

Now, people would like to discuss it. Seems reasonable. A little late maybe.

Jihad Watch:


A conference entitled “M-103: Islamophobia Cure or Shariah Trap?” will take place in Toronto this Sunday. The event is organized by a group called Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF). Speakers include Dr. Bill Warner, Leo Adler, Deborah Weiss, Anthony Furey, Raheel Raza, Yusif Celik, Anni Cyrus and others. But “organizers are not publicly revealing its location.

Anti-fascist activists, known as Antifa, have already threatened to disrupt the event and intimidate participants.”

[Emphasis in the form of huge text mine. – Dave]

Not being Canadian, I don’t know. Maybe all the anti-anti Islamophobia people are really just mean spirited foreigner-hating Canadians. 

According to David Nitkin, a spokesman for and cosponsor of the conference:

Antifa has used voice mail messages and emails to threaten to go to locations where the conference is being held and “smash” the venues, in order to prevent the conference from proceeding.

The one thing which obviously worse than hate, or anti-Islamic views, or even just violence?

Choose your friends wisely. I tend to think that people wanting to hold a conference on a matter of public debate are far better people than those who threaten to smash things.

Your mileage kilometerage may vary.


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1 Response to Canada: Antifa Threatens Violence at a Conference Discussing Anti-Islamaphobia

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Antifa knows that if a law can come to be that makes it so there is a class that can not be publicly criticized, another law can be passed which would make it so that another class can not be publicly criticized. And wouldn’t it be great if the other class that couldn’t be criticized was their class? After all they’re “fighting” “NAZIs.” And really, all of the left’s best ideas come from the tactics employed by Mohammad. Though mind, he wasn’t the first to employ them, nor the last.

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