I’m Not the Only One Who Figures This is a Blacklist

The David Horowitz Freedom Center sent this out today:

The Left is trying to put the Freedom Center on a blacklist of “hate groups” and run it out of business.

The leftists masterminding the blacklist get results by convincing sites like PayPal to stop taking donations for mainstream conservative organizations like the Freedom Center as a way of “stopping hate.”

It convinced Guidestar, the premier rating site for non-profits, to designate us a “hate group” to scare off donors.

And last week, a leftist site called bloodmoney.org announced a campaign to force Visa and MasterCard to stop processing funds for 100 conservative groups – including the Freedom Center.

Friend, this is serious.

The Left is using the “hate” libel to remove the Freedom Center and other mainstream conservative groups from the national political conversation and smother free speech in America.

This is a new and sinister tactic and could be successful if we don’t act now. That’s why we need your help.

Will you sign our STOP THE BLACKLIST Petition right away?

The Blacklist is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftwing smear site which began its career decades ago attacking actual hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan…

…but over the years shifted its agenda to discrediting an array of conservative organizations and individuals who happen to disagree with its far-left agendas.

TruthRevolt, Front Page Mag, Jihad Watch and others are under his direction.

While I can understand people on the left wanting to identify individuals and organizations which are on the “other side,” it seems that the Southern Poverty Law Center and bloodmoney.org are creating lists to kill debate.

The SPLC list was already used to identify a target for violence.

This could get very dangerous, very fast…especially given the reemergence of left-wing terrorist groups like Antifa.

It’s also quite possible that David Horowitz, his websites and associates are incorrect in some of their stances. I don’t care.

In a few short years America stopped naming communists unfairly, and switched to conservatives.

I can’t justify convincing credit card companies to stop doing business with these groups. I also can’t justify news organizations identifying these groups as “…on a list of hate groups by the SPLC…” 

As my dad once said, “Those who do not learn from history, are bound to repeat it. But at least they already own the textbook.”

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1 Response to I’m Not the Only One Who Figures This is a Blacklist

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    the SPLC is a professional organization of con artists. We should get credit card companies to accepting transactions directed at them.


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