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Antifa Beats a Guy, Liberal Protects Him

Kudos to NPR for going this far.  Kelly McEvers reports on a violent confrontation, admits it was started by Antifa, and praises a reporter for protecting the apparentlypeaceful protester. On Sunday a planned rally of right-wing activists in Berkeley, Calif., … Continue reading

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Criminalizing Hate Speech — What Could Go Wrong?

From Billie Murray, a Communications Professor at Villanova University, writing in The Hill: Although this is a contentious and complex issue, there is no reason why our democratic institutions cannot develop guidelines for criminalizing hate speech. We already restrict speech … Continue reading

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“…don’t shop at my business…”

The Camping World CEO figures your political and social beliefs are his business. DaTechGuy Blog: Apparently the CEO of Camping World has decided that instead of concentrating on providing his customer base with camping products and fine customer service to … Continue reading

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It’s a Wheelchair

Or a Mobile Command Post:  I wish Bill Schmalfeldt many miles of good service from his Mobile Command Center.  I encourage Bill to spend many hours with podcasting, writing and composing comedy in the high quality foam padded wheeled Mobile … Continue reading

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And with that, I bid you…

…Adieu. I’m leaving tomorrow to fly to Minnesota and the start of an almost two month bicycle ride down the length of the Mississippi River [link].  Based on last year’s experience, it is unlikely that I will be checking in … Continue reading

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At the End of the Day

No matter what happened, Bill Schmalfeldt is still an asshole. John Hoge fought the good fight for everyone in Team Good Guys.  He deserves everyone’s thanks and appreciation.  The Oaf’s actions speak for themselves. It’s not over ’til it’s over. … Continue reading

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The Round Table Discussion on the Role of Irony in University Discourse Will Go on as Planned

National Post: Ryerson University [Toronto] has canceled a panel discussion called “The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” following pushback from activists who said the event was giving a platform to fascists. The event, which was set for August … Continue reading

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