Heckler’s Veto Works Just Fine

Talking Points Memo:

UNC-Chapel Hill will not allow Richard Spencer to rent out a space on campus, because of safety concerns.

This makes UNC at least the sixth school to rebuff Spencer, who has made a strategy of speaking on public college campuses in order to provoke his critics and recruit young people into his movement. Texas A&M, Michigan StateLouisiana StateUniversity of Florida, and Pennsylvania State have already turned down requests by Spencer to rent facilities or address students from public spaces on campus.

He is a white nationalist, and I have no interest in his ideas or appreciation for what he might say. But as long as the leftist Antifa and willing college students join in riots, then he will be blocked.

Same for non-racist, yet conservative speakers. 

Or anything else the violent left wishes to silence. 

Graphic source: zipdialogue

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2 Responses to Heckler’s Veto Works Just Fine

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Churchill knew what Hitler intended to do because Churchill listened to what he said, and read his book. They shut up their enemies and don’t really understand them. But, they’re not so powerful as to be able to affect much communications, just the most public pathways. The more private it gets, the less they’ll know. Whereas what they say? We listen.


  2. “They shut up their enemies and don’t really understand them.” But of course they believe they understand the people who are not part of their leftist tribe. Obama talked about the bitter people clinging to guns and Bibles as if he has some special insight. Off the mark? By miles.

    The Antifa movement has taken the adolescent whine of “you can’t say that!” and turned it into “NO. You really can’t even be safe if you say THAT. Or begin to say THAT. Or wear a red hat. Or wander from the leftist orthodoxy.”


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