“Hungry for supremacists…”

Chasing down ‘Nazis’ with batons and Birkenstocks

Among the victims was a photographer who was struck in the head by a baton-swinging Antifa member as she tried to run from the black-clad crowd encircling him.Antifa protester Berkeley Aug 2017 1

A student at Berkeley told Fox News that she fled the park after witnessing the violence but Antifa members followed her to a nearby gas station.

“What’s up!” one of them yelled at student Ashton Whitty. “We’re real hungry for Supremacists.”

Yet the college student is no white supremacist. But she is a Republican and showed up at the rally with a poster that reads “Let’s Have a Conversation.”

Yeah. They don’t want a conversation.

Having lost at the ballot box, lost in the court of public opinion, and having lost out on that cushy non-profit job raising awareness about Saving the Planet, You Guys™ the Antifa goons are ready to bust some head. Starting with a college age woman with a sign which signals an open mind.

These freedom fighters are literally fighting freedom. 


Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis

The Rise of the Violent Left




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3 Responses to “Hungry for supremacists…”

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    They’ve lost Nancy Pelosi and MSNBC. The foretold crackdown will likely not be long.


    • Techno Jinxx says:

      OH please…they haven’t lost shit. The Dems/media finally realized tjey could no longer ignore the actions of own brownshirts, and that their lies about how the violence is coming from the right, that antifa are “peaceful protestors/activist” weren’t being swallowed anymore by the general public.
      Most will continue to ignore/excuse antifa , only stating that “violence is wrong (wink wink nudge nudge say no more)” to be on the record for the midterms next year.
      Oh there might be a little more push back allowed to make it look like they care…but as soon as the midterms are over it’ll be back to “its ok to punch a Nazi, and a Nazi is anyone who disagrees with me!” protesting anything and everything they can.


      • onwyrdsdream says:

        Whatever the case, the aging commies who’ve been waiting for the inevitable revolution that almost (from their perspective) happened several times are likely already feeling that familiar disappointment that it isn’t this time. again.

        I don’t mean to say the Democrats or the reporters (but I repeat myself) disagree with the method or message, just that they’re becoming a political liability. And you don’t want to be a liability to a socialist with political power.


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