Antifa Beats a Guy, Liberal Protects Him

Kudos to NPR for going this far. 

Kelly McEvers reports on a violent confrontation, admits it was started by Antifa, and praises a reporter for protecting the apparentlypeaceful protester.

On Sunday a planned rally of right-wing activists in Berkeley, Calif., mostly fizzled out, but thousands of peaceful left-wing protesters turned out, singing songs and chanting.

About 150 members of anti-facist groups — also known as antifa or black bloc protesters — also were there, marching in formation with covered faces. Then a couple of people from the right-wing did show up.

That’s when Al Letson, host of the investigative radio program and podcast Revealfrom the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, saw one right-wing man fall to the ground, and some left-wing antifa protesters beating him. [Actually he later said the guy might have been pushed or tripped to the ground.]

Letson jumped on top of the guy to protect him, because, he says, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. 

Letson says this has not changed his opinion of Antifa:

It hasn’t really changed the way I think about them at all. I think that the problem that happens when we have the antifa or people on the left engaging in violence is that it shifts the narrative.

Suddenly, we are equating people that are fighting Nazis with Nazis — and the two things don’t equate, right? And we’ve seen what they can do when they’re in power. So we see and know exactly what that is.

It’s a false equivalency to say that the people fighting back against that are the exact same. But I also see how the violence that is coming from the antifa movement can be spun to make it seem like the two are equivalent.

Well, in that he is correct. There is no equivalence between a peaceful protester and Antifa — really a gang of thugs. The leftist line still seems to be that if Antifa is violent, and the neo-right-wing-supremacists are peaceful…they can’t bring themselves to say aloud what we all know.

Violence is actually a greater threat than hate.  Want proof? Ask the guy who got kicked. 

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4 Responses to Antifa Beats a Guy, Liberal Protects Him

  1. crawford421 says:

    Letson is an idiot. I suspect he considers himself a socialist, and that’s why he cannot let himself see that his fellow travellers killed 3-4 times as many as the Nazis.


  2. JorgXMcKie says:

    More than 3-4 times. Pretty much all the Socialists I’ve known [and that’s a lot] have been self-delusional. The ones that aren’t are fully prepared to be murderous scum. The former will be put up against the wall [to their chagrin and despite protestations of “but I’m on your side”] by the latter when they get power.

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  3. Socialists and Nazis will never gain power — except by degree. The move to name hate speech as unconstitutional or simply use violence against so-called hate is troubling. When did being hateful become worthy of violence?


  4. onwyrdsdream says:

    “Suddenly, we are equating people that are fighting Nazis with Nazis…”

    Well, first before he claims that the people that antifa are fighting against are Nazis (or fascists, which is part of ANTIFA’s name) they’d first have to demonstrate that the people that they’re fighting against are national socialists, or at least that the people they’re fighting against aim to take control, and use the collective resources of the nation in a fashion that is directed by them toward a “good” that ignores individual interests. I mean, the particular mindset of how Hitler dealt with his people is straight out of the red book of socialism. He was a collectivist. Some of the people that ANTIFA hate most are individualists. The thing about a bundle of sticks is that it can only go one way, all together, so a fascist individualist is an oxymoron. Between Italy (where the fascists came to be) and Germany (birthplace of the NAZIs) the common factor was they were both national socialists. Racism isn’t the defining feature of Fascism, after all. In particular, Italy, which coined the term, even went to some trouble to protect the Jews, up until they proved incompetent to the point that Hitler was able to make that option unavailable. They stood up for the Jews better than France, which started shipping them out the day they were overrun.

    Socialists like to argue Italy and Germany weren’t true Socialist countries. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the admiring world prior to the ’37 invasion of Poland, Germany and Italy were in fact socialist countries, and not just any socialist countries, but socialist countries that finally showed how to make Socialism work. I’ve seen quotes from FDR and Churchill in regard to pre-war Italy to that effect, that it was the closest to the ideal that was realistically implementable, if you will. Of course, this is all on the basis that Socialism had a history of failure. Great that the democrats are trying to rush us towards it, even today.

    That description of Italy as having finally made Socialism work is rather like the description of Venezuela after Chavez took over by much of the world (and most of the press,) up until it proved to be a basket case and it became apparent that it ended up being every bit as terrible as the right said it would end up being. Suddenly, no one thinks they’re Socialists anymore, or at least the only reason it failed is because of the nefarious efforts of Capitalists, who are otherwise apparently too incompetent to run an economy, despite somehow being rich? None of those three powers changed between when they were held as an example and when they were held as ANOTHER KIND of example. Rewriting history doesn’t change the underlying principles that brought you to that point. Rather, if both the admirers and the foes recognized the same fact to begin with but when the admirers see horribles, the facts are disowned, while the foes continue to see it the same, which side of that evaluation seems more likely to be true, from a psychological perspective?

    In the NAZI meaning of the word, it would probably be difficult to demonstrate that the people they’re fighting against are even nationalists. As to them being socialists? That isn’t really antifa’s complaint is it? They’re using NAZI as a synonym for racism, but racism wasn’t the feature that made NAZIs so terrible. More on that later; rather it was a justification that was easy to sell in their particular marketplace of ideas. Don’t get me wrong, Hitler was racist in a way that we can barely comprehend in this country, even given our own history, and it spread like the plague as he rose to power. Examples include that he figured Britain would eventually side with him because of their German roots, and on his march into Russia his SS killed off people who would’ve been natural allies (helping logistically, rather than becoming partisans that attacked the German supply lines) because they weren’t German. In any case, I doubt that the people they’re fighting against are any more like socialists than the average American is. So if they’re not nationalists, and they’re not socialist, they’re neither fascists nor NAZIs. They’re even inferior as racists! Perhaps some of the “NAZIs” dislike brown people or women or people on the queer spectrum. If it’s just that level of racism, or sexism, both have been demonstrated by ANTIFA’s allies, abet against different groups. But without the nationalism as such, and without the socialism as such, aren’t they just fighting against a bunch of a-holes who have a weak will to power? And in so much as the people they’re fighting against want to use the power of the state to suppress groups they don’t like, that isn’t different from ANTIFA at all.

    But let’s talk about antifa. I’m not really sure if I’d call them nationalists or internationalists. Probably a mix. I don’t pay that much attention to the ideals of those who would burn down civilization, I just want them to be stopped. But as for socialists, they’re practically ripe with them. Anarchists too. Politically anarchy is just communism with the last bit of common sense snipped out. Perhaps they aren’t the same sort of Socialist that Hitler was. They might be the sort of Socialist that Stalin was, instead. You know, the other country that invaded Poland, which then proceeded to massacre Poland’s elites, wealthy, and ruling class, creating a lost generation?

    Many of antifa’s members come from other socialist organizations we’ve seen before. They’re anti-capitalist, anti-market, anti-liberty. We’ve seen pictures of them burning our flag and flying the flag of the above referenced Soviet Union. They’ve handed out communist (or anarchist) propaganda when they weren’t punching people in the head and setting stuff on fire. And while socialists will point out that the NAZIs fought against the communists, in reality it wasn’t because they were on different sides, but because they were on the same side, and only one of the two would be able to come to power. Whoever became dominate over the collectivists would then be able to worry about the individualists, which were neither NAZIs nor Communists(socialists). The NAZIs were socialists, just not international socialists.

    The key features of the NAZIs that made them what they were was not who they hated, or even WHY they hated, but merely that they hated, and it was that they had a common enemy that they could sell as a foe even to many of those who initially opposed them. Jews have long held that station in Europe. The connection with various bad things is actually somewhat to do with some of the left’s words today. “The jobs Americans won’t do?” Well, things like the banking industry, for whatever reason, had a social stigma to it in Europe. Along with jobs with high opportunity costs that culture moved some groups toward and others against. In the end, Jews were often disliked for reasons outside of their control, when they ended up with jobs no one else actually wanted. In any case, the motive of the NAZIs was hatred. It didn’t have to be the Jews. It didn’t in particular have to be any specific race, gender, or what not. Before they systematically eliminated the Jews, they fought Germans with different political values. Remember how, like the left points out ever so often, they fought against the communists? This was, in the 20s and 30s, hate driven fighting against people who were just as German as they.

    The key feature of this foe was that it needed to be small enough in number that even being half of a half of the country they were still the more powerful party. Besides the Jews, they hated most everything except other Germans who agreed with them politically and weren’t flawed in any way. They fought against the communists with violence. They started insurrections in neighboring countries before even sending their armies. They killed homosexuals, and the mentally handicapped. As socialists they saw their collective will as being supreme. Even if that collective will was being directed. The means was violence.

    Finally, the foe had to be someone for whom they could employ violence against even before they had power without the authorities that be being too upset about it. You know, “give them space to destroy when they want to destroy” kind of thinking. With the communists, the state didn’t like either side. With the Jews, they were widely hated. Not that the state didn’t come down on them harder than anything that Antifa has had to suffer. The opportunity was the permissiveness of authority before they themselves became the authority. And as an authority, they weren’t permissive at all. Lessons learned, I guess.

    Now, what is Antifa? They’re a much smaller part of the population (1/100th of 1/2?) who decided to fight against racists, sexists, and homophobes, and the small handful of pro-NAZI sorts that exist. While they claim to be against racists and NAZIs, the degree to which they count Jewish conservatives, a libertarian guy married to a black woman, and various other individuals completely unlike that description pretty much make one think that racism is ultimately just an excuse. Little wonder though, as it has been the go-to excuse for the left to such a degree that they’ve actually de-stigmatized being called a racist to an incredible degree. Little wonder the few that have always been in the woodwork are coming forward proudly. To the extent that racists, sexists, and homophobes exist in this country with enough verve to organize, the numbers are abysmally small. Conservatives with principled reasons for their beliefs are somewhat greater in number, and no less hated. Except for the big names, they’re mostly left alone. For now.

    No one feels particularly bad when a NAZI is punched. Most people don’t keep up with things to the extent to really know if the particular person being punched is actually a NAZI. I guess we assume the puncher is somehow an expert at identifying them? And certainly their allies are willing to take them at their word. When it turns out it really is a NAZI, even from the right, the main complaint isn’t so much that they were punched, but that we have laws which ANTIFA are violating. While many of us still point out that the laws should protect even the most vile who live within the law equally, and restrain even the most powerful who act outside the law equally, when they’re in left leaning cities with socialist-ish Mayors, and they’re attacking enemies of the left, it’s no wonder they’re able to get away with so much. Rather aren’t they being allowed too free a hand? How do you get more of a bad thing? If the bad thing is self rewarding, don’t punish it. Pretty soon you’ll have so much you’ll drown.

    In any case, between Antifa and the people they’re going against, the ones with the same MO- the same means, motives, and opportunity, Antifa are closer to NAZIs than the people they’re attacking. Some of the people they hate the most would enlist tomorrow if WW2 actually started, to go and fight NAZIs. You think anyone in Antifa would? Wouldn’t they be more likely to fight on the side trying to topple the American way of life, than the side who wants to protect it? I’m not saying they’d join the literal NAZIs. But, if China was recruiting (useful idiots) for an invasion plan….

    In the referred to article the author claimed that comparing the two groups was a false equivalence. He is right about that. But the party wronged by the equivalence are the “NAZIs” that antifa are fighting.


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