You Knew the Ending…

…but it is nice to see others getting the word out.

Steve Kelly, thanks for not suing me…and h/t IMAO.


The fascinistas are a real threat. Antifa the same.  Entitled jerks.

Where the hell are the old hippies, denouncing this evil brand of leftism?


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5 Responses to You Knew the Ending…

  1. JorgXMcKie says:

    I have denounced it repeatedly on my FB page and have ‘lost’ some Lefty friends over it. I thought they were smarter than that, but . . .


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Today’s Sturmabteilung wear black and “fight” “NAZIs”

    The NAZIs had an idea about the ideal citizen and were willing to repress or kill anyone who varied from that. As socialists, they viewed the rights of individuals as far less than the rights of the geoup.

    From this perspective, antifa and blm are closer in means, motive, and method than the people they’re attacking. Hell, some of the people they’re attacking are just right leaning individualists who aren’t racist, sexist, or any other ist or phobic in particular at all. They’re only anti socialist. And if there is one thing that is a difficult label to attach to an anti socialist, it is NAZI.

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    • Add BLM and those who momentarily energized by a violent incident…add Antifa, and bring along a few folks who just want to punch a Nazi/KKK/whatever…and throw in justification based upon hundred year old statues…and you have a violent mix.

      What’s a Nazi/KKK/white supremacist exactly? Dunno, but there were a couple of hundred in Charlotte. Not many, really.


      • onwyrdsdream says:

        I imagine that BLM and Antifa will be punching each other (or probably worse) more than anyone else soon. Assuming they don’t fizzle out within a few months like Occupy and the various leftist attempts to copy the Tea Party. When two groups want basically the same things and they both aim to take those things by force, violent conflict is pretty much inevitable. Though I imagine their conflict will involve a not small amount of property damage, mainly affecting people who think both sides are more or less the Vandals of this age.

        And, well, North Carolina has a population of about 10 million. Virginia about 8.5 million. If you can’t manage to find at least 100,000 hard core racists in either place I’d be pretty surprised, as that would only be about 1% of the population. I’ve generally found on any given subject, closer to 12% of the population have insane beliefs. Not that it really matters much so long as it doesn’t affect their work.. but that’s just the thing, if it doesn’t affect you much then there is no real drawback to believing crazy.

        Thus, the number of “Nazi/KKK/white supremacists” that showed up is considerably low vs the number you’d expect to be able to. Given that it’s only been 2 lifetimes end to end since slavery was on-going the level to which we’ve become one people is pretty remarkable. My grandmas who both died in the last few years could have easily had a living grandparent who fought in the civil war. That said, there are people on all sides for whom us getting along is not very conclusive toward their desire for power. And those people will always seek to bring others to their fold, because that is power.

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  3. crawford421 says:

    The “old hippies” are organizing it.

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