We get a lot of really good comments here. Sometimes they can get a little coarse or over the top, but as someone who hasn’t held back sometimes myself I get it. This comment though, by Lickspittle JorgXMcKie, is a gem.

McKie's comment

There’s more insight right there than I can generally muster in an entire post.  He has The Oaf nailed,  His take on Team Good Guys’ reaction is spot on as well.  I’ve said for a while now that the current suits are it for the Loathsome Litigant.  After they are over he is nothing more than an object of Fun, and a pretty pathetic one at that.  Nobody, including the courts, will take him seriously.  He’ll be reduced to shoveling daily doses of the same “outlaw/resistance” crap to nobody (because nobody is listening) on his Internet “radio station.”  There’s lots of monkeys flinging poo on the ‘net these days and, absent his shenanigans involving John Hoge, Aaron Walker, the Lickspittles and the Zombies nothing else he does is even remotely interesting or entertaining.  I mean, how many times a day, or ever in your life for that matter, can you stand listening to “pussy” and “Fetus Fun?”  But that’s The Oaf’s thing, on heavy rotation.

I guess I do take exception to one thing our friend and “co-conspirator” JorgX says in his comment. I disagree with the “small preference” he states.  I want Our Oaf to stay in South Carolina next week and take his lumps for not showing up at his show cause hearing and the trial.  Not because that makes things any easier for John or because it holds the promise of more Fun that way.  I think that the outcome will be the same no matter where Bill plants his stinky ass.  But I think if he shows he destroys the basis for a lawsuit under the ADA under the “no harm, no foul” doctrine and, by God, he’s promised us one.  Not appearing at trial doesn’t show that he’s scared of Judge Hecker and John Hoge- we know he is anyway.  If he does show he’s actually taking the coward’s way out, IMHO.

So he’ll be there, because if there is one completely predictable aspect of his behavior, it’s that Bill Schmalfeldt never keeps his promises.  Like most of the wannabe “hard” lefties, he’s just a liar and a wuss at heart.

Bill Isuzu yeah that's the ticket

And, just for the record, no misdirection here.  I’m not trying to psych him into going to trial thinking that whatever I want him to do he hates me so much he’ll do the exact opposite.  I’ll even say please.  Please, Bill, man up for once in your life and stay “home.”

David Edgren

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4 Responses to That.

  1. sam says:

    With Bill it’s always the eternal battle of “stupid” and “cowardly”. I think cowardly wins out. He’ll be there.

    It would be blisteringly stupid not to go. It’s the only thing that offers some chance of not totally losing.

    Should he lose we already know the general excuse he’ll make; the judge has already proven himself to be an inhuman monster for forcing poor poor Parky Bill to hop on the bus, so small wonder he sided with Hoge, History’s Greatest Monster…something like that.

    I’ve been following this for a few years now, it’s a trainwreck that one cannot turn away from. Hard to see it going on much longer, Bill is living a life that is usually found in biographies right before the part where the neighbors were alerted by the bad smell.

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  2. I expect he’ll show, as well. Mainly because he operates in idiotic, predictable patterns where he thinks he’s being tricksy, but like his failure to grasp UTC time-stamps, he always fucks it up.

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  3. I tend to agree that the has less to lose by attending than staying home. Being there allows him the ability to deny Hoge “something” that can later be used as a false narrative. I’m guessing he’s hoping to pull something from there to support his federal case.

    Sadly, he’s buried that one under such a mountainous heap of incompetence that not even the largest legal bucket wheel strip mining machine could recover it.

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  4. The Mockery Continues says:

    Yes I do believe I’ll be preserving all this for posterity.


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