What Did Sarah Say That Was So Defamational?

Bill Schmalfeldt has caught Sarah Palmer of BillySez in another defamatory statement which he will put right into the folder!


Right into the folder! Bah da dummmmmmmmmmm!

What exactly did she say?  Sarah concluded that Bill Schmalfeldt would show up to his trial. He’s being sued. Sarah thought he might actually show up.

There’s a show cause hearing too. (Show cause why I shouldn’t sanction you for recording a court hearing, and ignoring the last show cause hearing. Kind of a double-decker show cause hearing.)

And now it’s defamatory to suggest that Bill Schmalfeldt might show up?

Bill Acme law anvil falling 660x850

Be well everybody.


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2 Responses to What Did Sarah Say That Was So Defamational?

  1. Russ says:

    That boy just ain’t right.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Normally saying that someone will probably show up to a place that they’re obligated to show up to is about the least defamatory thing one could reasonably form with the words of the English language. I mean, if a famous author was scheduled to do a book signing at a particular place and time, if you stated your belief that they’d be there it could hardly have a negative impact on their fame, even if in their own mind they’d already decided to skip the event. Or, you know, if they somehow intended to do the book signing via Skype, even though no other party has agreed and the idea itself is ridiculous.


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