NPR Finds Something Wrong With Doxxing and Threatening a Neo Nazi

You might get the wrong guy. No. That’s about the only thing. Link

Like a professor who was NOT at the rally in Charlottesvile, but whose doppelganger was:


A counterprotester at the white supremacist march had posted a picture of a man with a beard and light brown hair, the same color as Quinn’s, the school official said. The man was wearing a T-shirt that said “Arkansas Engineering.” The official said someone on social media put Quinn’s name to the picture.

Not a word about how maybe, just maybe, threatening to kill people — even actual Nazi Fascist White Supremacists — isn’t really a good idea.

No, I’m not sympathetic to the clowns who were in Charlotte last weekend. I don’t like their ideology or politics.

I’m just not sure people should be doxxed and then killed for showing up at a rally. The rally was for people in favor of keeping a Confederate monument, not a rally to build support for lynching people.

Maybe I’m being too nuanced. 

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1 Response to NPR Finds Something Wrong With Doxxing and Threatening a Neo Nazi

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    When the black block people rampage at the wrong place, massively get arrested and have their photos published with their actual names, I hope they realize that that is exactly what they were doing not only to others, but to innocent others. I don’t expect them to learn, mind. It would just be nice.

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