Oh Man, I’m Too Busy for This…

Bill, Bill, Bill

I am busy beyond belief.  In ten days I fly to Minnesota to start a 2,500 mile/4,000 kilometer almost two month-long bicycle trip.  I’m planning, organizing, coordinating 50 or so nights of lodging, sorting, repairing, packing… you name it, I’m probably doing it.  I have 240 hours before I need to get on the plane and I’m pretty sure I’m going to fill most of them with getting ready to go.

Bill, there’s just no time.

I really thought that, without further assistance me and my subtle pen, err… keyboard, Our Oaf would be like the garbage that takes itself out.  John Hoge’s case is going to, in that great Naval argot, hole him at the waterline.  The dismissal of his South Carolina federal case will see him sunk without a trace.  I don’t need to help with that, because the Ponderous Party is doing all the heavy lifting himself.

But today, Oh. My. God.  And it’s not even football season.

And The Oaf wouldn’t know from a football even if one got stuck up his capacious ass (along with his head, imagine) sideways.

But I can’t even.

ADA Sanctions

The motion is his (untimely, “methinks“) request that the court reconsider its ruling that he needed to appear at his show cause hearing and the trial in John Hoge’s Maryland case in person.  I’ll ignore his assertion that the motion is fully briefed.  It either is or it isn’t.  Time will tell.  But now we enter the

BiLLSHiT ZONE 600x602

“Failure to rule on it…

Oh yeah?


Cite us a rule or a case that sets a deadline, oh Acme Law God, for the court to so rule.

What, what?  There isn’t one?

Bill Acme law anvil falling 660x850

Oh yeah.  Well, as a housekeeping matter the court will probably rule on your motion before trial starts.  Probably about a minute or two before trial starts.  Right in front of your sorry ass, sitting in Judge Hecker’s courtroom.

Or not.  Don’t come to Maryland, Bill.  Bet your continued sad little existence on an appeal.  Risk all on your completely ill-premised interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Fool.  Loser.

I need to go pack.

David Edgren




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9 Responses to Oh Man, I’m Too Busy for This…

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    I don’t know how much more plainly it can be said. Bill needed a lawyer months ago. There is legal aide in most areas. This is just sad, now.

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    • The Shoveler says:

      Its not sad at all. Schmalfeldt is not innocently stupid, he’s maliciously stupid. It comes from a deep well of anger, bile and hatred that occupies the space where a conscience resides in normal people.

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    • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

      This was pointed out to him months ago, he was given an address, he refused to avail himself, so F&%K him.


  2. Paul Krendler says:

    I thought he had retained the firm Proshay, Dunning and Kruger?

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  3. Dr. Dan says:

    The Berwyn (Illinois) Law firm Dewey, Cheatem and Howe is no longer available to assist in this case, sadly our existing clients are involved with other legal matters relating to strained lulz muscles.
    However, the firm Cheatem and Steele may be able to assist!

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  4. JorgXMcKie says:

    He should have heeded the advice to avoid the brown acid. Talk about hallucinations!

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  5. JeffM says:

    Witless does legal research about as well as my cat.

    He does not seem to recognize that he was given an accommodation for hearings, not trial.

    He abused that accommodation, and CONSEQUENTLY it was rescinded.

    When he was called out for abusing that accommodation, he could have apologized, alleged ignorance (which is always a plausible defense for Witless), and promised to read the rules of procedure and them abide by them scrupulously. That might have mollified the judge into continuing the accommodation. Instead, he decided to argue with the judge about the great Willy’s understanding of the rules of civil procedure and implied that he might interpret the rules in his own idiosyncratic way going forward.

    He was ordered to appear at a hearing. He did not do so, and the hearing was continued. He has asked that the same accommodation he abused by granted at the continuance and at the trial.

    In the last twelve months, he has driven thousands of miles, held a part-time job, and traveled (within the last month) many hours by bus, yet he asserts a demonstrable right to attend a trial in which he is a party by electronic means because travel has suddenly become beyond him.

    Apparently he thinks that he has found a case that, under those facts, will allow him to sue the state of Maryland successfully in a federal court in South Carolina for a violation of the ADA.

    As usual, Willy has some problems grasping venue and jurisdiction. He has had his ass royally kicked by more than one pro se. Now he is going to take on a State’s Attorney. (Does Willy even understand that John Hoge will not be a party to his case against Maryland because Hoge is not a “covered entity in terms of the ADA?)

    I take it back about the cat: she is much better at legal research than Willy because she does not even try.

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