You Know Those Guys in Charlottesville?

The ones in Nazi t shirts? The one who rammed innocent people? The ones who showed up armed?

They’re not my people. I’m not one of them. 

We might share some slight agreements on taxes, or immigration…but I don’t hate. 

And the ones on the left, who clearly also were itching for a fight? I reject them also.

In America, we can protest without being hateful and we can allow people to gather without becoming violent.

Free speech, free assembly and peaceful activism are a right. When the angry left and the angry right learn this, we’ll all be better off.

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6 Responses to You Know Those Guys in Charlottesville?

  1. DeplorableRican says:

    Please remember that it wasn’t the vile Nazis who stated the violence it was Antifa! AGAIN!
    This is what happened in Charlottesville, since media is incapable of reporting:
    -The Alt Right organized a peaceful assembly in Charlottesville called Unite the Right
    -The organizers lawfully obtained a permit to host this event
    -Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, illegally revoked the permit for this event. Wes Bellamy is a known Leftist and is affiliated with the Black Panther Party, a Black supremacist organization
    -The ACLU successfully sued Charlottesville for violating the First Amendment, and a Federal judge ruled that the permit must be reinstated and the right to assemble honored
    -Unite the Right was scheduled to take place at 12:00pm today. At 11:30am, a heavily militarized police force illegally shut down the event, physically assaulting peaceful protesters with batons and tear gas. Several people were illegally arrested
    -While evacuating; many protesters were illegally assaulted by counter-protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the police stood by and did nothing. Antifa and BLM members were recorded throwing bricks at people, using pepper spray, and throwing Molotov cocktails and tear gas
    -A terrorist drove his car straight in to a crowd of people, killing at least one. The state of Virginia declared a state of emergency with the National Guard on standby, and Charlottesville became the #1 news story in the world
    -The lying media intentionally portrayed this all in a way to make it look like the peaceful protesters were the perpetrators of the violence, rather than the victims, despite heavy video evidence to the contrary
    -This was an enormous breech of everyone’s First Amendment rights, and a violent police-state suppression of free speech that is now being hidden by the lying media

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  2. Russ says:

    I am in constant wonderment about the animosity between national socialists and international socialists. I guess they just don’t like the competition.

    Meh, I say put them in a cage and let them all fight to the death. Then napalm any survivors.

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    • onwyrdsdream says:

      Someone who completely rejects socialism isn’t going to give them power, so there is no reason to fight for the votes of such a person, and 25% trying to suppress 50% isn’t going to be effective, the most they can do is keep the true opposition from telling their side of the issues via social pressure. Someone who agrees with socialism will vote for them though, so long as they accept the same socialism brand, but power divided several times over is but a trickle. Half of the left isn’t enough to rule. So, there is no point in fighting the conservatives, individualists, and others of like minds for the votes of people that will never be theirs.

      For the people who would align with them if they didn’t align with the other, that is where the real conflict lies. The difference between national and international, after all, is but a single datum. Once they have the power of 99% of the left, they can then deal with the right from a position of domination. You don’t have to defeat the people who build things in the first place, so long as you can rule them. Once they have the power, they’ll define what is mandatory, and what is forbidden. There won’t be much of a middle ground. Certainly nothing important.

      We have the same level of disagreement on the right, as well, it just ends up being far less violent because the core value system on our side is different, and as individualists, individual will is held in higher esteem. A lot of that is just how social masks define us, for both sides. Our willingness to use violence in the general sense might even be higher, it’s just that that willingness is tempered by strong rules of who, when, and why.


  3. Two group of assholes enter , one group of assholes leave.

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