Stand Up Against the SJW, and They Won’t Understand It

From Acculturated:

Take the outrage over William Shatner’s recent comments on Twitter. The eighty-six-year-old actor took on SJWs, as FoxNews reported, when he tweeted: “Why is it that SJW’s think they can align themselves with those that demanded social reform in the [’60s]?” He continued: “And this is your failure of logic. SJWs stand for inequality, where they are superior to any one else hence my use of Misandry and Snowflake.” Rather than engage the point Shatner was making (that today’s social justice campaigns are neither as compelling nor as serious as those of the Civil Rights Era), Twitter SJWs simply called him “elderly” and “privileged.” Shatner hasn’t responded to the angry virtual mob.

Actor Jamie Foxx also stood his ground when he caught heat for using made-up sign language gestures while appearing on The Tonight Showwith Jimmy Fallon. Select members of the deaf community called the bit outrageous. Foxx ignored them. The issue went away in short order. 

Sometimes folks really screw up, and a measured apology is in order. If I step on toes, making a legitimate point…I’d stand up for my point. These days if you use vocabulary from a different age, it’s easy to stumble: “I got gypped…” or “…you gals…”

On the other hand, the Social Justice Warriors feed on weakness, and though they misunderstand Shatner, they know that he can’t be bullied.

Give ‘m hell. 

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1 Response to Stand Up Against the SJW, and They Won’t Understand It

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    SJWs that get offended by being called SJWs don’t realize that it is perhaps the most respectful and polite way that others, particularly those who understand what they want and what they’d actually get, can name them. There are other words that could be used. So many.

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