Eleven, Not Counting the Peace Orders

Paul Krendler over at Thinking Man’s Zombie has found eleven examples of articles written by Bill Schmalfeldt about Lee Stranahan and Aaron Walker. Link. Each of the articles seem to be punches, rather than counter-punches. courtroom-artist

That is, both men have mostly left Bill alone, but have not been left alone.

There’s some suggestion that Walker may provide John Hoge with some advice about Hoge’s civil lawsuit, but Walker is not representing Hoge. At this point it seems like Hoge has bested Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt in the legal strategy department. Stranahan has happily moved on to reporting on Washington politics for Populist.us.

Perhaps Schmalfeldt has some other reason to write about these two: Nostalgia, a grudge, he was told to by the real individual behind Breitbart Unmasked… 

Perhaps the world may never know.

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9 Responses to Eleven, Not Counting the Peace Orders

  1. Pablo says:

    Actually, you usually call it “stalking,” DUMBFUCK. This is because you’re an idiot. It is most certainly NOT because you’d like “to just go on with our lives and never think of them again but they just don’t know how to *shut up*”

    You’re utterly incapable of that. It’s probably because you’re a degenerate asshole and you’re deeply jealous of people who’ve made more of themselves than the homeless laughingstock failure you’ve become.

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  2. Techno Jinxx says:

    Well, actually…
    Patrick Grady has done nothing to Shakey, beyond leaving a comment on one of his (many) defunct blogs well over two years ago.
    Other than having to get a RO to stop Bill from harassing him for that, and traveling to MD to personally appear for a hearing for a PO Bill sought (which he didnt bother showing up for because, as usual he had NO case), Patrick hasn’t said/done anything to, toward, or about Shakey in close to two years.

    However, since Shakey CAN’T IDENTIFY who Paul Krendler ACTUALLY IS, he’s obsessed with attacking a man, who hasn’t given him much more than a second thought in years.

    Dumb, fat and stupid is a piss poor way to go thru life, but damn if Shakes isn’t proud that he made doing so his career.

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  3. My opinion is that Bill has a repressed sexual attraction to both men, and just can’t quit them.

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    • agiledog says:

      Given Bill’s continued fascination with anal regions of the many men he comments about, I don’t think his attraction is “repressed”. And given that his “girl friend” Di Kelly has a collection of gay cartoon porn, they appear to share similar tastes in such matters.

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  4. JorgXMcKie says:

    And like many women, Shakes is extremely attracted to men who “play hard-to-get” by ignoring him. That might also explain his efforts to doxx people when his time would be better spent doing other things. He’s a wedge — the simplest tool.

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  5. JeffM says:

    Absolutely no one knowledgeable equates Willy’s writing a blog post as harassment. What he writes MAY be defamatory, but it is not harassment. (Like many of the under-educated, Willy enjoys using big words, whether he understands what they mean or not.)

    Whenever Witless is sued (something that will seldom happen because he does not seem to own any assets that are material and attachable) for what he has written on his blogs or other platforms, it will be for defamation or breach of contract. Willy seems cognizant that opinion, hyperbole, and obvious fiction do not constitute defamation when he writes, but that understanding evaporates when opinion, hyperbole, or obvious fiction is written about him. For example, it seems to annoy Witless that BPO considers some of Willy’s writing pornographic. I disagree with BPO because Willy’s stuff is so incompetent, so tedious, so juvenile, as to persuade most that sex in any form should be avoided forever. To write pornography requires knowing how to write, something that Willy has never learned. But my disagreement with BPO is over opinion, not fact. BPO may be correct that an untold number of deviants will find what Willy writes to be sexually exciting.

    Witless has implicitly posited that a site called “Thinking Man’s Zombie” holds itself out as a purveyor of fact. Any sane person over the age of ten knows that such a site is tongue in cheek. And, even if you were oblivious enough to think that, as a matter of law, anyone reading a blog with such a title could REASONABLY take it as containing only factual material, you would still need to sue the person who actually publishes it, not some person chosen at random from the many who have noticed Willy’s persistent fecklessness. Arguably, Mr. Nettles has come up short in not making that argument, a lapse almost certainly explicable because his client is not the publisher. Witless has failed to notice the implications of that argument not being brought forward. Of course, serious, critical thinking is not an activity for which Willy has much (any?) practice. He is after all a self-admitted pauper even after decades of allegedly attempting employment.

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