Celebrities Have Just as Much Right to Be Idiots as the Rest of Us

Friday afternoon Update:


Yes, yes she does.

Celebrities Have Just as Much Right to Be Idiots as the Rest of Us…

And they are taking full advantage of that right, according to Breitbart:


I don’t mind them speaking out, though I’m much less happy when they sneak lies into their entertainment.

It’s important that we see what they are really like. I don’t go to movies with Alec Baldwin or Sean Penn. I liked Colbert when he was funny. Jennifer Lawrence usually looks adorable, but now she’s on my list. I don’t have to work to avoid the work of Lena Dunham and some others; they don’t actually make entertainment I’m interested in. 

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One Response to Celebrities Have Just as Much Right to Be Idiots as the Rest of Us

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    1) Some are each of those things, Some are none of them. On the whole Trump supporters are closer to none of those things than all of them. Language indicative of each of them comes from the left all the time, when someone on the right escapes from the Soviet the left thinks they should belong to. Wanna hear the most homophobic language imaginable? Find what liberals say to gay conservatives. As for being antisemitic? Entire leftist groups are being led by people who are openly antisemitic. As for misogynistic? Has he ever heard a leftist talking about an openly conservative woman? There are many other groups he left out that the left manages to spew the worst hatred at when someone looks at themselves as an individual rather than a member of that group.

    2) That attitude is the reason that government has reached the point of being able to offer a minuscule threat against us. Given how much psychology these guys use in trying to move the masses in the direction of their own ideals, you’d think at least one of them would have heard of behaviorism.

    3) He’s made a lot of money by being wrong about everything, which certainly doesn’t encourage him to try to be right.

    4) The country? Hasn’t that pretty much been THE democrat’s platform for the last 16 years or so? It’s been A platform for decades.

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