It’s Billogical!

The fascinating part of the Bill Schmalfeldt experience is that Bill has such odd leaps of faith  logic. From his Memorandum of Law filed in his 8th lawsuit: Link to Hogewash!


The reader can enjoy the delicious irony of someone with about a dozen Peace Orders or No Contact orders explaining what a reasonable and rational person should do.

From Bill Schmalfeldt’s logic, Sarah Palmer should have run away from Schmalfeldt, deleted her blog and kept quiet…To NOT do so would be insane and self-destructive. Except she didn’t. Billysez exists, and therefore is proof that she was not ever in fear of Bill.

Because a person in fear, naturally agrees to whatever demands her tormentor says.

But a reasonable, rational person without fear would continue publishing her blog, and therefore we can conclude that Sarah Palmer was never in fear. A person living in mortal terror of an unstable or violent person would certainly not act in the way Sarah did.

This so-called logic didn’t work at the latest No Contact Order hearing, and didn’t work at the previous several hearings. 

It’s as if Vizzini from The Princess Bride made a guest appearance in the Monte Python and the Holy Grail movie right in the middle of the witch scene.

She…is NOT silent…and therefore she must be NOT fearful, and weighs the same as a duck…and as such…the poison must be in the cup nearest you.

Also strawberries.



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11 Responses to It’s Billogical!

  1. The Shoveler says:

    “She can’t be in fear of me because my continual harassment, name-calling, stalking and other manifestations of my mental illness failed to actually shut her up.”

    Also: “Quoting what I write is LIBEL PER SE!!!1111!!!!!”

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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      my obvious harassment with intent to intimidate her into shutting up didnt work so I shouldn’t be penalized by being forced to stop harassing with intent to intimidate

      yep , that is some pure Bill-logic there

      it’s that sort of reasoning that has lead him to file EIGHT lawsuits in the last 3 years, most against the same parties for the same reasons in 3 (or is it 4? i lost count) states citing the same evidence. At least 1 of which was dismissed WITH PREJUDICE by him.

      It’s that same sort of logic that will get the latest LOLsuit shitcanned as quickly as the judge can dismiss it.


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  2. D. Edgren says:

    No, it’s BiLLSHiT 600x602

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  3. crawford421 says:

    My favorite part — his declaration he’s going to drag material in from the earlier cases, including the one he dismissed with prejudice.

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  4. And thanks to Bob in MD, who put this on Bill Schmalfeldt’s blog:

    I am saddened to hear of the sudden decline of Mr. Schmalfeldt’s health. The human body is so amazing. I remember when Mr. Schmalfeldt was confined to a wheelchair for life. The he was suddenly able to walk again. Not only walk, but drive! Something he swore his progressive disease made impossible. I think that happened just after he informed the court he couldn’t attend hearings since he couldn’t drive and boom! three weeks later he had an unrestricted (except for corrective lenses) drivers license and a car and was off gallivanting to other states to confer with his court appointed attorney. Then he was driving
    himself on two thousand mile round trip journeys over a long weekend to see his
    girlfriend and crowd sourcing a trip to visit all contiguous 48
    states. That was just a couple of months ago. And now suddenly, with court looming once again, he has been reduced to a shadow of his former self. I pray for another miraculous recovery so he can present himself to the court and exact his vengeance on Hoge.

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  5. Pablo says:

    “She knew of and was extremely stressed by the fact that readers of…”

    How did she know what readers of anything had to say, DUMBFUCK? It was because of your care and concern for her, wasn’t it, DUMBFUCK?

    You really are indescribable scum. You know that, right?

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  6. onwyrdsdream says:

    Sometimes, having a lawyer isn’t so much to help you express your arguments, but to warn you of the ones that are aimed at your own foot…

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  7. Ashterah says:

    I used to do what the person who had me in fear told me to do. It only brought me more fear and anguish and more under that person’s control. I find that intolerable and unacceptable. So now, when I fear something, I stand up against it. I fight back. I tell MY truth. Doesn’t mean the fear is gone. Just that I no longer allow it control over my life.

    It’s called getting a spine. Which apparently is anathema to those who wish to keep others in fear.

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  8. Oddly, we can find no one who has reacted with fear of Bill Schmalfelft in exactly the way he expects.

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