If There was a Meeting, Then There was Collusion

This is the basis of the Russia/Trump story. 

Especially the part about Donald Trump Jr. He met with a Russian during the campaign, and on some level the hope was to collude to get documents which were embarrassing to Hillary Clinton.

So, if Bill Clinton met with the Attorney General as a decision was being made about whether to file charges against Hillary Clinton regarding her mishandling of classified documents, was that collusion?

Apparently the DOJ was in panic mode about that meeting, and documents and emails released this week suggest that a Washington Post reporter hoped to “put to rest” the story:

Link to Town Hall story.



Lynch maintains she only discussed grandchildren and golf with President Clinton during their 30-minute long meeting. As a reminder, just days after the meeting took place, former FBI Director James Comey announced Hillary Clinton would not be referred for charges because prosecutors at the Department of Justice were highly unlikely to take on the case. 

So, do meetings always mean collusion? 


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2 Responses to If There was a Meeting, Then There was Collusion

  1. A Reader #1 says:

    “Collusion” is not a crime.


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