This Context Thing…

…has really gotten Schmalfeldt scrambled.

One of the recurring themes in the Bill Schmalfeldt bag o’ tricks is this notion of context. In the second amended complaint against John Hoge et al, (link) on page 9 Mr. Schmalfeldt again asserts that Sarah Palmer twists and takes out of context Bill’s writing. This has been a standard complaint over the course of the last 8 lawsuits.

These blog postings amount to false statements made with malicious intent. The
defendant cannot say she is merely quoting the defendant while twisting his words into meaning something she has created in her imagination.

He is now predicting that a set of photographs he has submitted to the court in the same case will be taken out of context:


The openness to which John Hoge presents most of the public documents in his civil cases is amazing. What a legal and lulzy education we’re getting watching this case develop. I hope we do get to see the photos, assuming they were taken with the subject fully clothed.

How someone can demonstrate mobility issues in a series of photographs is another queer point.

I don’t know what these photos will show, but I do know a few things about Bill Schmalfeldt.

  1. Taken in context, his ideas and writings are just as bad as when they are out of context. These is no real explanation for writing some things.   Billy Sez I once had sex 614x900
  2. The balance of the document he promises John Hoge will see today will also bring laughter and joy to the interwebs. 


It appears that the same individual who was able to move state to state, appear in North Carolina with lots of documentation, and then move again to a different town after a fire…that person is willing to tell a judge he cannot travel to Maryland for a trial. 

There’s no other reason to explain the “extend of my disability and deterioration to the judge and plaintiff…” 

Taking his Tweets in context, he was sicker two years ago.

I made that bigger, just in case his eyesight is also failing.

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30 Responses to This Context Thing…

  1. This should be an amusing #FAIL.

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  2. shoveler99 says:

    Explains the deletion of his most recent blog, with its now embarrassing posts.

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  3. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    I do believe this is about the Maryland case, bill is trying to get out of showing up. At the time of this post nothing new on the docket.

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  4. JeffM says:

    Several amusing aspects of this screech. (Note that I have not personally reviewed Witless Willy’s screeches.)

    One is the ridiculous idea that the commands of Witless obligate the recipient to obey. “Ash, I demand that you tell me when you moved.” She ignores him, and he ends up getting a new restraining order.

    Another is whether he can prove that he even gave such a command to everyone to whom he sent the pictures, something that will be tough to do because, if I remember correctly what has happened in the Maryland case, he has asserted that many of his messages, tweets, etc. are no longer available. How will he establish who was sent the pictures if he has not kept his stuff? He could testify of course and raise his credibility as an issue.

    A third is whether people do not have fair use protections on his “work.” (It must be remembered that Krendler used pictures that were part of the public record in a court case.)

    A fourth is that, as you say, there is a little issue of res judicata.

    And fifth we have the delicious prospect of Grady, on being asked who sent the pictures, will say that he “hasn’t a clue” because he Is not Krendler

    And there may be additional idiocies.

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  5. Pablo says:

    Why am I suddenly terrified that there’s video of him futilely beating his meat in front of a nekkid Inflataskank?

    Imma go rip my eyeballs out. BRB.

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  6. JorgXMcKie says:

    Well, he rarely uses even half his head, not that using the whole ting would help, that would be another fail.

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  7. I’ve seen the pictures over on Hogewash, when the public domain court document is linked.

    They don’t prove a thing, other than that Cousin Bill is ugly, and has no shame. They do not prove he is incapable of attending, in the slightest, that’s a certainty, but he may have managed to piss off an already pissed off judge!

    Plan on attending, Bill, or not, but you will face the consequences.

    In other news, Deb Frisch, Bill’s female analogue, managed to violate her parole by threatening her parole officer (another felony, who’d a thunk it?), and now faces > 10 years in prison.


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    • Paul Krendler says:


      Link please?

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    • lorddewclaw says:

      Thank God…

      I hope she rots there.

      I am… “familiar” with Weld County, CO. They don’t put up with bullshit there. And the judges have no problem locking your ass up if you don’t do what they tell you to do.

      It is a good day in the neighborhood.

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      • JorgXMcKie says:

        I have a FB friend who is now [I think the title] Magistrate Judge in Weld County and until I had tipped her off knew nothing of Deb Frisch, Now she’s digging through the file.

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      • lorddewclaw says:

        Now if we could get Team Pervo to try their lawfare bullshit there…

        Because it AIN’T Maryland.

        I am still good friends with many of the law enforcement community there.

        They wouldn’t last five milliseconds in Greeley, CO.

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  8. Paul Krendler says:

    In context, I’m not sure which of these two facts is more surprising: that Bill Schmalfeldt was ALLOWED to breed, or that Bill Schmalfeldt FIGURED OUT HOW to breed.

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  9. How can still pictures show inability to walk, stand, travel or move without pain? Do they show him on the floor? Is he wincing in pain?

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  10. BusPassOffice says:

    Told you guys he would whip out his ADA card

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  11. lorddewclaw says:

    I served with guys who are TRULY disabled vets.

    Stolen Valor Schmalbalz isn’t fit to breathe the same air.

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