Because THAT’S What We Need

We need people to enforce “anti-racism” laws. Good heavens. Save us from these idiots.

Update: Fellow Traveler Lena Dunham seeks to enforce the tribal standards. Link to The Federalist:

Lena Dunham had a delayed flight and was walking through the airport when she overheard two American Airlines employees having an unapproved private conversation about transgender children. So she did what you naturally do when you are a well-known “liberal” who believes in free speech and distrusts big corporations: she ratted them out to their employer on Twitter.

These two are just a window to the real left: They want to enforce your speech. You cannot stray from the program. The Federalist article is very good.

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6 Responses to Because THAT’S What We Need

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Badthink and speechcrime are doubleplusungood, don’t you know that?

    We have always been at war with Eastasia, Winston.

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  2. Proving, once again, just how mean and petty she is…

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  3. A follow up thought:

    It would please me no end if *no one* ever spoke in her presence, again.

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  4. onwyrdsdream says:

    For someone who lives in a glass house, she sure does love flinging rocks.

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  5. onlooker says:

    SAID she heard. There is some doubt about who or what she might have heard.
    Not only is her characterization of what she heard implausible on its face (it would at least have to be her “take” on remarks vs. what might have been said) or completely imaginary and based on her idea of what an anti-trans conversation might sound like.

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