Typing slowly so that all might understand.

Bill Schmalfeldt has done a lot of very real things — so many that he has something in the area of 12 Peace Orders/No Contact Orders to his name.

The number is unclear since some are for multiple individuals, including a 3 year old. Some folks have had multiple orders, and some documents cover more than one person. 

In the years since Bill Schmalfeldt has become a real pest to John Hoge, Sarah Palmer, Aaron Walker and many others, Bill has received a mail order tupperware canister of horse poop, a jail costume and I once mailed him a book. The tires which he claims were poked showed such terrific sidewall damage that they appear to have been driven by someone who intentionally or recklessly scraped them up. Or a drunk.

Did someone other than Bill Schmalfeldt damage the tires? The Magic 8-ball says unlikely.

No one has incited violence or vandalism against Bill Schmalfeldt. Incitement is a legal term. 

Incite (Legal Dictionary)
To arouse; urge; provoke; encourage; spur on; goad; stir up; instigate; set in motion; as in to incite a riot. Also, generally, in Criminal Law to instigate, persuade, or move another to commit a crime; in this sense nearly synonymous with abet.HONK

Everybody. Everybody.

Even those whose children he has mocked and/or menaced…everybody has decided that the best end to this is that Bill Schmalfeldt lose in a court of law, be banned from doing bad things again and that one day he pass from the scene. Natural causes. Their acronym is FOAD. I think it’s French,  since people keep apologizing for their French.

BillSez has a far better post than this one about this crap. Find it here.

Bill Schmalfeldt has published his own address, put photographs of his front step online, and taken other strange actions…strange only for someone who professes to be scared of actions of the Lickspittles.  He literally has advertised his location — to the point of providing a picture of his window in one post. These are the actions of someone itching to be socked in the nose.FEEL LIKE A LOSER

During this same period of time, Bill Schmalfeldt has acted like the drunk at the end of the Internet Bar and Grill…yelling over the jukebox and pissin’ off the regulars. When the bouncers drag him out and tell him to cool off, he comes right back, tosses back a JWR and calls somebody’s kid a dummy.  

Then he asks some woman if she was ever molested…since she has all the earmarks of a naughty girl. 

 For years, it is Bill Schmalfeldt who has instigated violence upon himself. Years. It’s a wonder.







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10 Responses to Incitements?

  1. Pablo says:

    Did someone other than Bill Schmalfeldt damage the tires? The Magic 8-ball says unlikely.

    The very day that Blob’s address is uncovered, some member of TFS (who must certainly be Patrick Grady) shows up in Clinton (Dear God, what the fuck have I done in my life to wind up here) Iowa to overinflate (with a knife) DUMBFUCK’s seriously curb worn tires.

    Yeah, it could happen. But good luck selling it to sane people.

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    • Or even “deflate…” but we get your meaning.


    • Grace says:

      “So far, I’ve only had my tires stabbed.” – The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt
      (The Lying Liar Who Lies Like He Breathes)


      “The tires which he claims were poked showed such terrific sidewall damage that they appear to have been driven by someone who intentionally or recklessly scraped them up. Or a drunk.”


      “Now, as I recall, I got my drivers license on a grey November day in 1972. I was 17 years old. My dad took me down to the North Dakota DMV in Bismarck, and I got my license. It wasn’t easy. When I was learning to drive, MAKING TURNS SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. One time, while my older brother Jack was helping me learn, I OVERSHOT A CURB and tore out a chunk of grass in what was nobody’s yard.”

      In Bismarck, North Dakota (in 1972) was there some law that required kids to be 17 years of age before they could acquire a driver’s license?

      New Jersey? New York City? Sure. But… Bismarck, North Dakota?


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      • I hadn’t seen that one. The best part is how is illustrates that he’s always been a puling, wretched, coward. What a simpering pansy, afraid of driving, at SEVENTEEN? At that age, I’d already spent years doing things like climbing cliffs, rappelling, and 50+ foot jumps on my dirtbikes. Driving a -car- was utter trivia.

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  2. popcornseller says:

    Some people add “IAF” to make it FOADIAF. That last part has something to do with flames, Gehenna and eternity. At least that’s what I hear. Of course, I would neeeevvvvveeeer use that acronym, FOADIAF. Oh heavens no.

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    • Sadly for Bill, most of us do believe that unless he makes some drastic changes in his life the entire world will be better off when he does shuffle off this mortal coil.

      And no, no matter how Biwwy tries to spin it, he’s not going to be able to use that sentence to add me to his suit for making “death threats”.

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      • JeffM says:

        You’re wrong Jane. Witless can and even may use that post to add you to his LOLsuit. Of course he would lose, but when has that prospect deterred him?

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      • And some of us believe that when he dies, that’s also just the end. When the two or three of his kids that now remember him die, no trace of him more significant than the collection of BillySez ‘posters’ will remain, and those only because of internet archiving. Anyone who actually gave a shit will be long dead.

        My grandchildren know and love and will remember me. Probably some great-grandkids, too, as I come from long-lived stock. My physical works will remain, saving countless lives and billions in property, all across this country, for at least a century after my own passing. I am content with my legacy, even if I die in my sleep tonight.

        I’d pity the DUMBFUCK, if he hadn’t been so stubborn about bringing it on himself.

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  3. The Shoveler says:

    Cabin Boy is actually disappointed that he’s not been assaulted yet. A clue to his behavior before judges, he has developed a yearning for martyrdom.

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