“Fakinsons” and Cowardice

Oh my.  Gut rumblings from Our Oaf.


Now, I am not a doctor.  I have no ability to diagnose anything more complicated than a stubbed toe.  My “medical” opinion on anything, then, is worth just about as much as legal advice from me these days- absolutely nothing.  If I were to express such an opinion, why would anyone, in light of that, take me the least little bit seriously?

That said, I’m an almost 65 year old adult with a wealth of both real-world and learned experience gained over the years.  I read extensively.  I’ve acquired a lot of years of formal education past high school.  I have also had the occasion during my life to know and be in fairly close contact with family members and friends who have suffered from Parkinson’s Disease.

Bill Schmalfeldt announced to the world that he suffered from that condition close to a decade ago.  He has made progress reports over the years that indicate progressive degradation or loss of various functions.  He has asked that people who read what he writes take into account that his mental facilities are probably slipping.  He has said he gave up his license to drive and could not walk any distance without using a walker  He purchased a mobility scooter.  He stated that traveling any distance was virtually impossible for him, and even dangerous.  He retired on full disability from regular employment.

All of those things are consistent with a person who has Parkinson’s.  It is a horrible disease and in my experience, once it strikes its progression is inexorable.  I have never heard anything other than anecdotal accounts of persons who have experienced a significant remission from the conditions that mark its progress.

Yet within the past year or so Bill Schmalfeldt has regained the ability to drive.  He obtained a new driver’s license and purchased a vehicle, facts which he fairly obviously attempted to conceal from the wider world.  He drove that vehicle unaccompanied for long distances.  He became employed.  He apparently abandoned his mobility scooter and no longer requires a “Life Alert” system tethering him to his residence.  He even set up a GoFundMe web page soliciting funds for a planned 10,000+ mile drive around the country on a fairly grueling schedule.  All of these things, along with others not mentioned, are inconsistent with being a person who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and who has stated the sort of conditions that mark its progress I have noted several paragraphs above.

Doi I think that The Oaf is faking having Parkinson’s- Fakinsons, if you will?  What would it matter if I did?  Why would my opinion be more important or carry any more weight than that of a qualified medical professional?  Schmalfeldt, despite his oversharing about virtually everything else, has been completely silent as far as posting any current medical information about himself on this topic, so people are just left to speculate on what is going on.

I’ll tell you what I do think, though.  I do think that Bill Schmalfeldt’s Parkinson’s symptoms always seem to be way more in evidence every time he gets near a courtroom.

Billy Sez And imagine the scene in the 614x900

So who is the coward here?  And, in case the Portly Plaintiff happens by, he should please notice my name at the bottom of this post.

David Edgren

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36 Responses to “Fakinsons” and Cowardice

  1. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Schmalfeldt, despite his oversharing about virtually everything else, has been completely silent as far as posting what the “Press Ganged Lawyer” said to him to convince him to dismiss his LOLsuit VII.

    In all the videos schmalfeldt has posted I have seen no evidence of the symptoms of Parkinson’s only of him having a bum leg.

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  2. tillycroaks says:

    I have a close family friend with Parkinson’s. So my opinion is that Bill’s behavior is very inconsistent as to my observations of a person’s behavior who is clearly suffering from this dreadful disease. Are we still allowed opinions, Bill? Or should I expect my summons directly?

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  3. Russ says:

    I’m a neurological patient – adult-onset hydrocephalus. I have yet to see any evidence that there is ever any “coming back” from the damage that a neurological condition can cause.

    In my own case, I “progressed” (it doesn’t feel like progress per se, but you know what I mean) from normality, to walking unsteadily, to requiring a cane, then a walker (at which point the condition was finally diagnosed and treated surgically.) This, in the space of about 15 months.

    In the ten years since the surgery, the “progress” has been drastically slower, but I’ve been wheelchair-bound for about three years now. Doctors are consistent in giving one opinion: I am almost certainly never going to walk again. (There is a chance I might be able to stand up again, if/when I lose my leg [for non-neurological reasons] and get a prosthetic. We’ll see – odds of losing the leg are about 3:1, I think.)

    Short version: I think Bill is full of shit, based on my own experience with neurological Unpleasantness.

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  4. gmhowell says:

    In all the annals (two “n”‘s Billy, calm down) of medical history, I do not believe there have been any bona fide cases of remission of Parkinson’s.

    Speaking as a layman, I’m pretty sure Billy is… Well is he lying? About PD, possibly. Probably. After death, when someone can examine his gray matter, provably. I think he does have an illness: Munchausen Syndrome.

    The symptoms he has exhibited from that appear to be much more consistent than those associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

    On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 3:11 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

    > D. Edgren posted: “Oh my. Gut rumblings from Our Oaf. Now, I am not a > doctor. I have no ability to diagnose anything more complicated than a > stubbed toe. My “medical” opinion on anything, then, is worth just about > as much as legal advice from me these days- absolutely” >

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  5. Gus Bailey says:

    I don’t think this was the real David Edgren. There are no footnotes1.


    1 Oh yeah? -de

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  6. My grandfather had Parkinson’s. He had it for many years, and it progressed quite slowly. He never got “better”, only worse. When he passed away, he could barely function. My great aunt’s sister in law had a more progressive version, similar to what Bill claims he has. She never got better once she started losing her mobility.

    All the evidence of Bill’s Parkinson’s are excerpts from his books, or things he’s written, but never a single medical report that a doctor has made a diagnosis. Even the pages he submitted from his evaluation for disability at the NIH is not a medical diagnosis.

    In fact, in one of the book excerpts he likes to flaunt, he was on the operating table telling the surgeon’s who were performing the DBS procedure that one neurologist said he didn’t have Parkinson’s. The surgeon’s only said they would send the results to the neurologist, never confirming that he had, in fact, Parkinson’s. The reader is left to imply that the surgeon’s believed it, but that documentation has never been shared either.

    Because his word has always been suspect, and he’s never missed an opportunity to lie and then try to dismiss it when caught, it is my firm belief based on the evidence he’s presented along with the research I’ve done on my own, even though I’m not a doctor, I do not believe he has Parkinson’s and he is faking it. And to add to that belief, he says that in order to prove it in court, he will have to get affidavits from the doctors that says he was diagnosed.

    Really? He needs their affidavits? He doesn’t have copies lying around all those evidence folders?

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    • Pablo says:

      All the evidence of Bill’s Parkinson’s are excerpts from his books, or things he’s written, but never a single medical report that a doctor has made a diagnosis.

      He’s told courts under penalty of perjury that he was wheelchair bound and that Hoge was actively killing him by subjecting him to legal proceedings. This was the vaunted and sorely missed “YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!!” stage of the Schmycle.

      He was, of course, lying. It’s what he does.

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    • Grace says:

      I am sorry to hear about your Grandfather, MJ. I know of what you speak. My maternal Grandfather also suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for many, many years – as did my Mother (although for a far, far shorter period of time). My Mother’s Parkinson’s Disease was also accompanied by Frontal Lobe Dementia with Lewy Bodies. It was all just too sad and difficult for words.

      PD is a vile and PROGRESSIVE disease (as is dementia). Not once… no… not. one. time!… did my Grandfather nor my Mother have *any* improvements in their symptoms, nor did they experience *any* type of remission whatsoever…

      …it tends to kind of be a thing with those darn PROGRESSIVE diseases.

      Whodathunk? Well… besides EVERYone – with exception of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt. Lying POS.

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      • That’s exactly it! It progresses and never gets better. Care is about slowing the progression. If care was so good that a Parkinson’s patient could actually start driving again, you’d see Michael J Fox all over that.

        So either Schmalfeldt is lying and faking his disease, or he is a walking miracle. Take your pick.

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  7. onwyrdsdream says:

    In any case, an anonymous opinion isn’t worth much. The only way there would be any long term negative consequences of such a thing is if someone in authority thought they had a good point, and then it turned out that they did.

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  8. Kmbuchanan says:

    The asshole makes a mockery of what good and decent people suffer through. Evil fucktard.

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    • Grace says:

      This. So. Much. This!

      Big hugs to you, and that awesome man you’re married to, girl. Y’all are the very definition of good and decent people. ❤

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  9. Pablo says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DUMBFUCK has the Hodgkinson’s Disease. It’s going to kill somebody and it will probably be him.

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  10. The only people with whom I’m acquainted that are afflicted with PD are online friends. I’m also not in the medical field, in any capacity. So, pretty much everything i know about PD, I have learned from what Schmendrick has written and fact-checking of same via sources less prone to the fictive. I don’t think anyone who has read Scumfeldt’s oeurvre could believe that his recent behavior is consistent with his previous quite detailed descriptions of what he said was his condition. So, he perhaps has PD and was lying, exaggerating his symptoms and the extent of his concomitant disability, but just now, in the past few weeks, he really is suffering to that previously fictional extent. Then again, possibly, he really was disabled to the extent he claimed by PD and he was driving around in a seriously impaired condition over several months and many thousands of miles, putting everyone in the vicinity at terrible risk, for the sake of his convenience and vanity. What is far less likely, to the extent of being an apparently unique medical anomaly, is that Schmellsbad ‘got better’ through the extremely limited exercise regimen of doing his own household chores.

    Occam’s Razor tells me he was just faking all along, because he’s a shiftless, grifting, creep.

    That’s an opinion derived from disclosed facts [disclosed by him, not me.] It’s the very epitome of Constitutionally-protected speech. I have no reason to fear litigation of the question. I am employed under a contract that does not allow for dismissal over some whiny bitch’s butthurt, and
    further, I have never used anyone’s resources but my own to post my opinions, so I have no reason to fear for my employment should the dumb bastard manage to dox me.

    I choose anonymity because I choose not to allow him the sweaty-palmed excitement of trying [and inevitably failing] to punish me for bruising his very delicate ego. I choose to deny him the pleasure of pestering anyone connected to me. I choose not to allow him to waste any of my time more than what I choose to waste laughing at him.

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    • crawford421 says:

      Every state requires people with progressive neurological conditions to periodically be re-evaluated for their ability to drive. DF, who claimed he couldn’t manage a daily commute a few years ago, got an essentially unrestricted driver’s license.

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    • Grace says:

      “I choose anonymity because I choose not to allow him the sweaty-palmed excitement of trying [and inevitably failing] to punish me for bruising his very delicate ego. I choose to deny him the pleasure of pestering anyone connected to me. I choose not to allow him to waste any of my time more than what I choose to waste laughing at him.”

      THIS! Perfectly stated, AJ.

      You have precisely communicated my reasons for choosing anonymity, too. I am sure many of our fellow Zombie Lickspittles apply identical reasoning to their choice to share their thoughts and Constitutionally-protected opinions anonymously, as well.

      There are a few good reasons to use pseudonyms when posting on the interwebz. But, the best reason I have considered thus far is because evil, sick-and-twisted, speshul snowflakes – like the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt – lack the maturity and self-control to leave online disagreements and disputes online… and, instead opt to take their butthurt fee-fees to real life in an attempt to hurt and destroy people, their families, and their livelihoods.

      Deranged cyberstalkers are deranged. *smh*

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  11. agiledog says:

    I am not anonymous: Bill Schmalfeldt is faking having Parkinson’s. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. And he can try and sue me over it if he dares.

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  12. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Can we all agree that Stolen Valor Schmalfeldt deserves scorn and ridicule for the simple fact that he over uses “methinks”? Shouldn’t that be a jailable offense? What a pompous asshole.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      Just one of hundreds of reasons he deserves scorn and ridicule, my friend.

      Another fine reason is “I emailed a deathbed photo of my wife to 20 complete strangers and was shocked when it appeared on the internet!”

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      • Grace says:

        Poor SGotCU.

        Granted, I did not know her. But, I have to believe she deserved far better… as almost any woman would – well, except for that nasty, retarded roommate of his… IF xhe is even a woman. *gack*

        The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is one sick bastard. Taking such a horrific picture is bad enough… but, then blasting it all over the www?

        Pure evil.

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  13. sam says:

    Bill always cites that deep brain experiment as proof he has parkinsons. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was actually chosen because they needed a control group?

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    • Mr E says:

      A guy I know has to go in to have his pacemaker battery replaced soon. Pretty sure it has to be done every 5 – 8 years.


      • gmhowell says:

        3-10. Depends entirely upon usage. I started with expected 3-5, now they are saying 8-10. Needless to say, my usage dropped considerably. I get a handful of paced beats when I sleep.

        Now, if the defibrillator fires, that’s an automatic replacement.

        On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 8:52 PM The Artisan Craft Blog — Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey wrote:

        > Mr E commented: “A guy I know has to go in to have his pacemaker battery > replaced soon. Pretty sure it has to be done every 5 – 8 years.” >


  14. buchananrick says:

    Hi gang. Sorry I’m late.

    I am not anonymous. Bill knows this. I’ve begged him to sue me, but he just ignores me, hoping I’ll go away. Maybe someday, but not today.


    I say this not as a doctor. I say it as a 59 year old man who has spent almost half his life with PD. I’ve studied it in some detail. I’ve met and observed hundreds of other people with it, through conferences and support group meetings. Every one of them showed some sign that they have PD. Bill shows none. NONE!

    One of my doctors (a big name in the Parkinson’s community) claims he can diagnose it with 99% accuracy within 10 seconds of meeting the patient, even in the very early stages of the disease. For him the medical exam is just a formality to confirm what he already knows. He’s told me some of the things he looks for. Bill has none of them.

    I gave Bill the benefit of the doubt for the first few years I knew him. I thought he had an atypical, mild case that his hypochondria had blown all out of proportion. I figured that the really nasty symptoms, which he lacked, would kick in eventually, and his minor complaints would become more serious. I figured five years should do it.

    It’s been five years. Five years of watching myself getting slowly but inexorably worse. Five years waiting for Bill to finally know what it means to have real Parkinson’s. But what happened?

    He GOT BETTER! His already trivial complaints went away!

    That’s when I knew I had been conned. Bill was FAKING IT ALL ALONG.

    Sue me Bill, please. SUE ME!

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    • Grace says:

      Hi, Rick! So good to see you posting!

      Your valuable (albeit, unfortunate as hell) insight with regards to Parkinson’s Disease is always much appreciated, my friend.

      Some of us have lived Parkinson’s Disease… either personally (God bless you, Rick.), or through personally knowing and taking care of a loved one (God bless Kim, as well.) who has/had endured such a vile and PROGRESSIVE disease.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt? Most probably and provably… not so much.

      Just a slimy, conniving, lying, leech-of-a-POS. *spit*

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  15. buchananrick says:

    BTW, a minor caveat for those who have pointed out that “PD never gets better.”

    There is a phenomenon called “kinesia paridoxica”. I once observed it once at a medical conference. Sitting near me in the auditorium was an old man in a wheelchair, the most advanced I’d ever seen the condition. He looked like he hadn’t made a voluntary movement in years. Well, the fire alarm went off – loud. Like Kiss-concert loud. Before I could even react, that old dude was out of his chair, and sprinted across the room! They got the (false) alarm turned off, and had to bring the wheelchair to its owner, who was once again totally akinetic, 50 feet away, feeling very embarrassed.

    He was the talk of the conference, and theories about alternative brain pathways were discussed.

    So, I think it’s safer to say “PD doesn’t get better – for more than a few seconds, anyway”.

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