Really. You’re Not Kidding.

Review: Climate Change by Peter Benoit

It’s a children’s book put out by Scholastic, packed with errors. This was just funny:


Apparently, due to Global Warming, and the resulting increase in ocean water, the world will no longer have coastal wetlands. Or, they will be underwater.

The book also says that the town of Shishmaref, Alaska is in danger because “Climate change is causing the waters of the Bearing Strait to rise above the Island. It is in fact erosion which is creating a difficult situation there.  Even the picture in the book shows a building near a cliff created by erosion. 

There is a climate change connection to the story, but it is erosion which is taking the town into the Strait. The ocean is not rising to swamp the land. By the way, erosion is a way of nature all over the globe. Has been for eons. 

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