I Don’t Think This is How This is Done

Bill Schmalfeldt would like to amend his terrible lawsuit against John Hoge, Sarah Palmer, Eric Johnson and Patrick Grady. He’d like a jury trial — because “people love me!”

He also wants to add these people, the Doe, Poe and Roe family:

DOES 2.png

Who are they? Bill does not know. He actually hasn’t a clue who he is going to add to the suit, but “…I’ll get back to you on that!”



Now, John Hoge also included some “John Doe” individuals on his case, but he at least alleged specific torts for each. Bill just figures, “let’s put these place-holders here, just in case I dox somebody.”

He is also adding that his difficulty in renting a decent place is because of his Google reputation…which is apparently the responsibility of the folks being sued.  

I don’t think this has much chance of success. I thought he was all out of amendments. 

Please lawyers and prison lawyers, am I right?

The Sonoran Conservative has one answer here.

John Hoge and the Lickspittles are also laughing.

UPDATE: lorddewclaw says Twittercourt is like Calvinball:

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14 Responses to I Don’t Think This is How This is Done

  1. lorddewclaw says:

    Is Cameron Poe a relation of the Poe anonymous defendants?

    You know… the wrongfully convicted Special Forces vet who saves the frikkin day in the movie “Con Air.” (Wonderfully played by the awesome Nicolas Cage).

    Be careful, Butterball…. the Poe family don’t take kindly to fat, racist, stolen valor stalkers suing their kinfolk.

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  2. If you’re really want to screw things up,this is probably the way to do it.

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  4. JeffM says:

    While everyone is laughing about th unnamed defendants who are not even alleged to have done ANYTHINGH! let’s not overlook the landlords issue.

    Three topics for research.

    Does a landlord have standing to sue X for lost profits from declining to rent to Y because X said truthfully that Y was a declared pauper who had initiated eight failed suits and was subject to numerous peace orders? (I have not yet found a case so holding.)

    Does a prospective tenant have standing to sue for the lost profits of a prospective landlord who refused to rent to said prospective tenant? (I have not yet found a case so holding.)

    Does the South Carolina long arm statute reach people who did not participate in a transaction that did not happen? (I have not yet found a case so holding.)

    I suspect that a case combining all three elements is likely to be a case of first impression.

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  5. Can a litigant add “placeholders” to a lawsuit, expecting to learn their names and discover their torts later? Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

    So many unanswered questions.

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  6. lorddewclaw says:

    Twitter court reminds me more and more of….



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