The Road Ahead

The road ahead seems to be a rocky one for Team Kimberlin. I’m not a lawyer, since the LSAT turned out to be very difficult…but I can read the signs.

At this moment John Hoge is suing members of Team Kimberlin including Bill Schmalfeldt, Brett Kimberlin and Tetyana Kimberlin, who is apparently so far out of the country that she could not contact the court herself to say she was unable to attend a hearing yesterday.  The Trial date is August 21.

Bill Schmalfeldt has also sued John Hoge, Patrick Grady, Eric Johnson and Sarah Palmer. These two lawsuits could easily cause Bill Schmalfeldt a level of trouble he has not seen before.

Yesterday I emailed Bill Schmalfeldt to find out his side of the story regarding Sarah Palmer’s Peace Order. I also asked about his plans for John Hoge’s lawsuit. 

Schmalfeldt: My plans for Mr. Hoge’s case are the same today as they were yesterday. I will obey the judge’s orders. Messers. Hoge, Johnson, Grady and Mrs. Palmer should be thinking of their plans for my case.

Apparently John Hoge has been making plans. He has obtained the services of an attorney for what he calls LOLsuit VIII.  That’s Bill’s case against Hoge, which the real attorneys and armchair barristers have laughed off. None of the previous lawsuits have made it past the initial stages.  Bill Schmalfeldt’s lawyering skills have not really been judged as exceptional. Eliminating this case might not require heavy lifting.

John Hoge does not need a lawyer, if all he’s going to do is get out from under Bill Schmalfeldt’s case.  

John Hoge: My lawyer and I are working on getting the appropriate paperwork drafted, and it will be filed in a timely manner. link

The Cabin Boy™ may soon wish that he had never filed LOLsuit VIII.

Murum aries attigit.

That last bit of Latin is worth Googling, but I can give a layman’s description. Hoge could be merciful, kind and forgiving up to a point. Apparently that time is done.

Meanwhile Bill Schmalfeldt has gone silent.


That might actually be a few years too late. 


And a huge thanks to Sara Palmer, all the commenters, and yes even Bill Schmalfeldt for contributing to the discussion yesterday.  

No one has the right to badger people who have demanded to be left alone.  Writing about someone is not the same as writing to someone.  

Equally important is the notion that while we all are responsible for our own words, truthful statements and opinions are protected. You just can’t sue somebody into silence just because they wrote something about you on the internet.

Shutuppery — the use of the Twitter mob, civil courts or threats to employment to silence someone — is one of the worst aspects of the 21st century culture.  Team Kimberlin has tried this using civil courts.

They will lose.


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41 Responses to The Road Ahead

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    “John Hoge does not need a lawyer, if all he’s going to do is get out from under Bill Schmalfeldt’s case.”

    No, he does not. Small children can get Drunkenstein’s sub-literate lulzsuits dismissed. That at least two of the Lulzsuit VIII defendants have retained counsel should tell Oliver Wendell Jones that the end is neigh.

    He should know it, The last time our lulcow had to deal with an attorney not named Walker, he was actually rendered mute, and all that lawyer wanted was for his client to be dropped from the idiot action.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again; This time is different.

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  2. wjjhoge says:

    Of course, I don’t need a lawyer to defeat the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit, but I have one because it is advantageous in my current circumstances.

    First, LOLsuit VIII is in a court several hundred miles from my home. The Circuit Courthouse in Westminster is within walking distance of my house. The U.S. District Courthouse in Greenbelt is a 10-minute detour off of my usual route to work. I don’t have to go far out of my way to deal with cases in those courthouses. That’s not true for LOLsuit VIII.

    Second, there are things that can be done by a lawyer representing a client which can not be done by some acting pro se (even he is a lawyer himself). I believe that some of those thing need to happen in LOLsuit VIII, so I must be represented by counsel. The Cabin Boy™ will find out what those things are one-by-one as the appropriate paperwork is presented in the case.

    Murum aries attigit.

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  3. This was trapped in moderation because we sent both pages in one comment.

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      Really, what will Bill being buried in motions do to the Hoge suit?

      First, the defendants have 21 days to provide a response of some form, so that’s two full weeks, plus a weekend, for Bill to clear the decks. No problem.

      Second, what else is Bill going to be doing during that time? Gathering his documentation to support a defense? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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    • popcornseller says:

      The motions will NOT be a problem for Bill Schmalfeldt because it only needs one day to reply. After all, speed is more important than content. Why does everyone always forget this?
      /sarc off

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  4. rt895 says:

    “Wonderful Timing” for the win, and from outside a totally and completely unforced error by Teh Scat in a Hat.

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  6. BadgerBob says:

    Retired and in a new relationship and supposed to be living those “golden years” and he is determined to spend the rest of his life and nearly every waking moment left of it spent on his enemies, who were really Brett Kimberlin’s enemies until he decided to jump into a public controversy and become minimally and likely legally a limited purpose public figure.

    I actually feel sorry for his fiancee and after yesterday she might be coming to the realization – do I really want to spend the rest of my life talking about Hoge, Palmer, Krendler and Johnson several hours a day for the rest of my life?

    I would break up with him if I was her. I personally couldn’t live with a person so preoccupied on one issue in life to the point of possibly neglecting me and my welfare and our future.

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    • The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

      “possibly”? Whither spouse #3.

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      What else does she have? It’s my opinion that the Blow Up Boyfriend latched onto Bill because he claimed to be progressive and has a disability pension. She can go back to sitting on her fat ass, gaming, and gathering gay incest porn all day. She thought she found a sucker. She did, but not the kind she thinks. She ended up with a racist, misogynist who fantasizes about sex with young boys and abhors strong woman. Everything she is supposed to be against. So what will win? Her politics or her desire to be a leach on him?

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    • JeffM says:

      Likely a public figure? Certainly a public figure, although perhaps for limited purposes.

      There is the publicity dimension as an author of (admittedly unread) books and producer of (admittedly unheard) podcasts. This is a being with his own entry in Encylopedia Dratica.

      There is the public safety dimension of his multiple restraining orders from multiple states.

      There is the novelty dimension of his disclosure of bizarre personal facts about himself, e.g. his actual or imaginary adventures on a public stage in Japan. (Personally, I do not believe the tale of that episode, but that he would tell it is in itself newsworthy.)

      There is his extensive history in the courts, which are public records, including his inability to prevail in court against a three-year old. And just during 2017 alone, he has been involved in THREE different legal proceedings (with the year far from over).

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    • wws says:

      “he is determined to spend the rest of his life and nearly every waking moment left of it spent on his enemies,”

      The really sad part is that he’s doing this because for him, this was the best option he had left. He desperately craves attention, and yet his family hates him, he has no “friends”, not in the real world, he has no work buddies, he certainly isn’t a member of any social organizations.

      So for him it was sit in a recliner and watch replays of “Lost” on an endless loop, or this. Even when he loses, he’s still going to be able to feel a huge amount of self pity and he will take a great deal of personal pride in being able to tell himself that Yes, I am the Ultimate Victim, and the Whole World is Against Me.

      Now as for the rest of us – just remember that what he really craves is punishment, to prove his victim status, and he needs to be obliged and given as much of it as possible.

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  7. Onlooker says:

    The extremely limited options for companionship, and possible financial desperation of that person, joined with the limitations of modest intellect, and an adult lifetime of co-dependency and time-filling escapism, make me think she will do a lot to stay in the game unless something better comes along. That includes believing a lot of things a disinterested person wouldn’t. She also finds happy diversion in lot of things normal people don’t, such as scenarios of pain and humiliation at fetish-level.

    I don’t know how sincerely she believes in the “slam dunking” potential of Bills “fight” or how invested she really is, but I think she both wants and needs to believe. Still, If she doesn’t recognize the present course of total folly, she can recognize by Fridays’s result that the courts found Bill’s arguments weak and his demeanor repellant, and for a flickering moment see it is possible that he could impress other courts in the same way.

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    • wws says:

      I’m reminded of the Pearl Jam song, “Can’t find a better man”.

      I think that she truly “can’t find a better man”.

      Which says a whole lot about her.

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  8. Tao says:

    A pig in a poke………

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  9. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

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  10. onlooker says:

    Or the pokey, as some call it.

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  11. If Bill doesn’t default and hide his hovel, there is the possibility the judge will offer him state accommodations . If that occurs, I see a dramatic “i’m coming to join you Elizabeth” moment.

    I predict Bill will use this to try and escape jail, unfortunately some facilities have medical wings. Even if he could manage to be transferred to a hospital, standard SOP is he is shackled and leg-ironed to the bed. That room is treated with same rules as a facility in terms of phone use, TV, and visits etc.

    As one final note, if he does manage to get into a hospital and a real cardiac event occurs, make sure the guards release the restraints if the doctors go to use the defib on them. It’s not good for the patient (but funny as hell for the guards) when they forget.


  12. agiledog says:

    Dave said: “No one has the right to badger people who have demanded to be left alone. Writing about someone is not the same as writing to someone.

    If Bill Schmalfeldt would EVER learn this lesson, he would have a whole lot less trouble.

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      I think a lot of the problem stems from the fact that almost anything that is written about Bill Schmalfeldt is taken as defamation and libel by Bill and he must immediately put a stop to it. The fact that he reacts sees direct quotes from himself as damaging to his reputation says that he might, on a good day, understand that what he puts out there is filth and makes him look like the creepy fuck we know him to be.

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      • rt895 says:

        The saddest thing is Bill voluntarily shares things we comment about. Nobody forced him to tell the Japan Tranny story, poop rolling, or any of the many, many things he is mocked for.

        Bill, we can’t comment on posts you don’t make. If you don’t like criticism and commentary, stop posting!

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    • Ashterah says:

      You would think so, wouldn’t you, AG? But I think he relishes trouble. SMH


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