Sara Palmer Talks About Today’s Events

And Bill Schmalfeldt Responds!

As is the typical style for the Artican Craft Blog, anything I type is in red, and quotes are in black. This might help with understanding. Also, can we keep the comment section of the blog free of profanity? Feel free to use dumbf-ck if you’re inspired to. If Bill Schmalfeldt comments, please know that this is the last place in Lickspittleville that he’s allowed to write. Chasing him off here might actually be counterproductive. I have written this article in the most neutral way possible, given that Bill Schmalfeldt once put my photograph on the rear end of a dog. — Dave 


Sarah Palmer:

Today was a day that caused me to rethink a lot of what I thought I knew.

Today was a day that reinforced to me the necessity of standing up for yourself, even when you are nervous and anxious.

I’m not going to pretend that my seeking a North Carolina No-Contact Order for Stalking or Nonconsensual Sexual Contact was some big, earth-shattering occurrence that should bring me praise.

Instead, I’m going to take the lessons I learned and apply them going forward.

Just what did I learn? Well, I learned a whole lot about Bill Schmalfeldt, the man I sought the No-Contact Order against.

As folks know by now, Sara Palmer now has another No Contact order in place enjoining Bill Schmalfeldt from contacting her.  The hearing was held in the Guilford County Courtouse, in Greensboro, NC. Bill Schmalfeldt was there.

There is no “short version” of the Bill Schmalfeldt story except to say that enough people have gotten Peace Orders or No Contact Orders to stop him from contacting them that the math is difficult.  A Reader #1 thinks this is number 12.

Palmer writes BillySez, a blog devoted to documenting the words of Bill Schmalfeldt, which are sometimes quite coarse.  Schmalfeldt has sued Palmer, John Hoge and several other people eight times, though none have been successful. Actually, none have gotten past motions to dismiss.

Just joining us? Treat this like season 2 of a low-rent Downton Abbey, and the intertwining plots are too complex to unravel quickly.  Most of the plots center around the difference between writing to someone, and writing about someone.

Sarah Palmer:


I learned that Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that just because he wants to know something that he has the ABSOLUTE right to try by any means to get you to answer it. That he thinks that he is being polite. That he thinks he is being non-threatening. That because he is suing you he has the right to make you answer questions that have on bearing on the matter that he is suing you for. That he is given this right by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Now, I already knew that yes, Bill Schmalfeldt thought those things. But in the back of my mind, I thought that he had to know somehow that what he was doing was not quite right. That he would realize how many boundaries he crosses when he does the things that he does.

I was wrong.

Bill Schmalfeldt really, truly, honestly believes that he should be allowed to intrude into someone’s life to get the answers he wants. That if he’s suing you, he is allowed to ask things of you that have nothing to do with the lawsuit, whatsoever. That he sees nothing wrong with contacting someone who has previously told him that no, they DON’T want to talk to him. Ever. And that he should just go away.

It is an honest belief, pure as the driven snow.

He couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

When he was giving his opening statement to the court, he laid out his case, saying that he was suing me for things such as defamation and reckless conduct. That he had believed I was being too smug by far about the summons he was sending to be served upon me, and that it sent him searching deeper. And that the information he found made him believe that I had moved from my prior home in Reidsville to Greensboro well before I even sought out the first no-contact order. And that he then began trying to contact me.

The judge did not allow Bill Schmalfeldt to elaborate on the two year backstory to this whole tableau, but instead insisted that he stick to what we were there for – unwanted contact by him towards me – and nothing more.

So he switched gears, reading from my post BILL SCHMALFELDT WILL NOT GET MY ADDRESS FROM ME. I was privately amused that he still, to this day, does not realize that I was parodying his post from earlier this year HOGE WILL NOT GET MY ADDRESS FROM ME. The selection he chose made a few members in the gallery giggle. I hope it made up for what I felt was the inordinate amount of time we took presenting the case.

He mentioned that the email he sent to the Rockingham DA’s office had yielded no fruit for him. Turns out that no, it isn’t a crime to put down a different address, let alone possibly live in another county when seeking a no-contact order against someone. Funny how he never mentioned that previously. Did he want that threat to keep hanging over my head? Like all his other threats?

Bill also mentioned that I answered the question he was seeking there in the courtroom. And he marveled that I didn’t want to tell him that when he was asking me by phone, text, email and Twitter, that all it would have taken was a simple “yes” or “no.” But then he went on to say that I had offered no proof of when I moved. This showed me that no, a simple yes or no answer would not have sufficed for Bill Schmalfeldt, and I was right to simply not reply to him. What would have been adequate proof for him? And why on God’s green earth did I need to give HIM proof?

After all, he already had my address.

He was ever so helpful, agreeing that yes, he did make all the contacts I alleged. That he made those contacts knowing full well what my address was. He even alleged admitted to more contact than I was counting it seemed to me. But of course, because he was Bill Schmalfeldt, he was to be allowed to contact me in this manner. Because he needed his answers.

Question time came around. There was the sly little query of “I assume we are still under oath” as if somehow I would have forgotten I was in a courtroom, trying to give my testimony to a judge.

I had no questions of Bill Schmalfeldt. I felt no need to press him for anything. He had already admitted fully what I claimed. All I needed to see was if the judge agreed with me that my complaint rested within the boundaries of the statute. But Bill? Oh, he had questions for me all right.

Billy Sez You clever boys had 614x900

You know that quote of his that is evergreen? How he stumbles into court and fucks himself? It was kind of like that.

He attempted to ask several questions of me about my blog. I never had to object as Her Honor shut him down every time, once with a sharp “you need to move on.”

I cannot remember how many times I had to say in several different ways as I answered his questions, that I did not want contact with Bill, that I had told him in December 2015 that I did not want contact with him, and that he needed to stop his contact.

At one point, he and I began to talk over each other, and Her Honor rightly told the both of us to knock it off. It wasn’t my finest moment, honestly, but I was frustrated over the same questions being asked several times.

Eventually he wound down. He asked to make a closing statement and it was granted.  His points were (loosely remembered) thus:

  • Pity the poor sufferer of Parkinsons for the last 20 years, Your Honor!
  • She is engaging in malicious prosecution with these frivolous charges and abuse of process! This is a “cynical ploy” to get out of being sued.
  • You can’t rely on an expired restraining order to inform an individual that he is not to contact someone!
  • I’m allowed to ask things because I am a pro se prosecutor and she is a pro se defendant in my lawsuit.
  • I hope that this court does not grant this application and that this attempt ends here. She knows that I’m no threat to her and her actions show that she’s not afraid of me.
  • I rely on your judgement to see this for what it is.

My closing statement was much shorter: Mr. Schmalfeldt had no problem serving me during the last lawsuit with a no-contact order in place. He wouldn’t have a problem now. I didn’t file this for the reasons that he is claiming, I filed it to get him to stop contacting me personally.

Her Honor wrote things, and checked things. And when she was done, she told Bill Schmalfeldt that he had subjected me to unlawful conduct and granted me the no-contact order.

Bill intends to appeal. It seems that the First Amendment grants him the ability to speak, but not the ability to know when to stop digging the hole he’s in.

Palmer said Bill Schmalfeldt’s demeanor seemed inappropriate, and the judge was put off by his tone.

Bill Schmalfeldt :

My demeanor was of a man in physical discomfort.

Sarah Palmer indicated that  Schmalfeldt did not seem to be in pain, but was feigning discomfort. Schmalfeldt has in the past said that Parkinson’s Disease keeps him from being able to travel.  Based upon his improving condition over the last two years, and his recent travel, folks who follow the story find that detail to be questionable. 


I was not questioned. If you are referring to my questioning of Mrs. Palmer, I found it frustrating that the judge would not allow me to ask questions that I thought would show that Mrs. Palmer was not at all frightened of me despite her being allowed to make unsubstantiated statements about having to take anti-anxiety medication. So “frustrated” would be a better choice of words. In my opinion Mrs. Palmer was giving a performance and I was not allowed to pull back the curtain to show it was all an act. Somebody that afraid of my evil and terror and scary monstrosity would not have produced 134-pages of printed blogs excerpts.

Palmer says that Schmalfeldt did not seem to understand how angry his questions were making the judge. He asked about BillySez and other topics which were not about the No Contact Order. Schmalfeldt asked more than once how he was supposed to know not to contact her, according to Palmer.

Undisputed is the idea that there were moments of crosstalk — with the judge and Mr. Schmalfeldt talking over each other, though Schmalfeldt says it was the judge, Schmalfeldt and also Palmer who talked over each other.

Schmalfeldt:  There was one instance in which the judge told us both to shut up. But most of this “talking over” was the judge shutting me down as I started asking a question. These were actions a lawyer would take for her client and call it sour grapes if you like, but this judge was an advocate for Mrs. Palmer.

Sarah Palmer said tonight that Schmalfeldt is allowed to write about her, but can’t contact her. Bill Schmalfeldt had no reason to contact Palmer, she says, especially since he already has her address — which is part of the stated reason Schmalfeldt contacted her. Schmalfeldt’s contacts included a phone message left for Palmer’s ex, asking when she moved. Schmalfeldt claims that Palmer was not honest about where she lived when she sought her last Peace Order.

Bill Schmalfeldt faces an uphill climb in his lawsuit against Palmer. He also faces difficulty in a lawsuit filed by John Hoge, because in that case Schmalfeldt was sanctioned for his scant participation in the discovery process. The sanction limits the documentation which he might present.  

Lots of chatter at Hogewash!



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94 Responses to Sara Palmer Talks About Today’s Events

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  2. BusPassOffice says:

    Hawhawhawhawhaw again the judge is an advocate, like the one making googly eyes at Zoe Barnes…

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    • Ashterah says:

      She was an advocate for the law. I have no doubt that if I had not met the standard, she would have thrown out my petition. No doubt whatsoever.

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      • BadgerBob says:

        Absolutely! My idiot brother has dated some nut jobs in the past and I had to go the police and ask some questions because one of his idiot nut jobs threatened my Mother.

        The police told me a declaration to a person verbally (preferably written) that you wish no contact with a person serves as a no contact order; and any contact after will be unlawful contact and the courts will treat them as unlawful contacts should you pursue a restraining order later.

        The judge was interested in just one issue – did you establish the fact you didn’t want direct contact with Schmalfeldt and the answer to that question was yes. His side issues weren’t a concern to the judge because they weren’t to germane to the matter at hand.

        Now some can complain that’s too easy (Violence Against Women Act, etc.) but that would be really strange coming from a far left progressive.

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      • Ashterah says:

        Precisely. Bill just didn’t understand that it didn’t matter that I document the things he says. Not for the purposes of a no-contact order. I can document and comment on what he says and still have anxiety when he attempts personal contact that I have explicitly said I do not want. The two are not mutually exclusive.

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    • Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

      Most people, upon reaching a double-digit number of restraining orders issued against them (if not long before), would realize that there’s something amiss with their own conduct.

      Not our William though. Ain’t he precious?

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  3. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

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    • Tao says:

      How far “The Mighty” have fallen!

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    • crawford421 says:

      The expression on his face is priceless. For one, it shows how AMAZING he thinks his “evidence” is — just days before his *PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYER* lawyer told him to STFU and GTFO.

      For another, it shows how dishonest he is about his condition. No sign in that face that Parkinson’s has reduced his control of his muscles.

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  4. Dianna says:

    In other words, “I can do whatever I want! How dare you refuse to answer my questions! And the next set of impertinent, irrelevant, ad hominem and scurrilous speculations I come up with!” In his world.

    This is not working out as he seems to expect.

    Laptop. Home. Because it’s Friday.

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    • Ashterah says:

      It’s his pattern. He did it with the lady over Facebook where he threatened to call CPS. He did it with Doug. He did it with Lee Stranahan and baby Colette. He did it with Dave. He did it with gmhowell. He did it with Patrick Grady. He did it with Lynn Thomas. He did it with me. He did it with MJ. There were varying degrees, of course, but he does it. Over and over and over again.

      Either he is completely oblivious to normal human interaction or he truly thinks that when he wants an answer, he is entitled to get it in whatever way he wants.

      I don’t know how many ways I can say it. If I hadn’t of believed that he had violated the law, I would not have sought the no-contact order. If he did not violate the law, I would not have gotten this no-contact order. Period. Maybe this time it will sink in? I won’t hold my breath, though.

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      • Yeah, please don’t hold your breath. Even though he has holes in his head, nothing is getting through to the grey matter..

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      • The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

        Pshaw Miss Ash. We all know it was your deadly googly eyes. It’s no surprise that Judge KrendlerBrown melted so utterly in the face of such an optic onslaught. Scott Summers himself would be jealous.

        Capital result either way!

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      • DeplorableRican says:

        He did it with me threatening emails and a letter to my local sheriff. Plus he lied and posted I was spilling the beans about Grady (which I had no idea of what he was speaking about) and further he lied and said my sister a talking to him. If had not stopped I was just about to get my own restraining order (and so was my sister BTW). If he starts up again I will get one.

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      • Sonoran Conservative: It is because Bill sold his soul decades ago and his Satanic master will not allow him to understand anything that is not evil. He is soulless by choice and will suffer the fires of Hell unless he repents … and he is rightfully afraid of the penance he will be assigned by any priest he goes to for absolution or any other Sacrament of the Church …

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      • Toastrider says:

        From what you (and others) have written, I’m starting to think he really DOES have some kind of neurological issue.

        Not Parkinson’s, obviously, but this seems weirdly like something on the autism spectrum. I’m not a psych type or neurologist, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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      • Persecuted in WI says:

        Just to clarify, Paul L., Schmalallel can’t have “sold his soul” to the evil one as it is not his to sell. It was created by and belongs for all eternity to G-d. Our soul is within us, but it is not ours.

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  5. Here you go Neal. He doesn’t understand just how bad he has it because he can’t let himself believe reality. The fact he actually said the Judge was an advocate for Sarah tells you all you need to know.

    This is going to end in the greatest trainwreck ever. And the last words you’ll hear from Schmalfeldt: MORE SPEED!

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  6. Pablo says:

    Huh. So DUMBF*CK managed more travel. A personal appearance necessitating hundreds of miles of travel. If I were I gambling man, I’d bet that Judge Hecker will find that very interesting.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      And an appeal will require even more travel. Perhaps as far as even Richmond, Virginia. That’s a pretty long bus ride.

      Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark.

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  7. D. Edgren says:

    Wow! Just wow! Sarah and Dave, I’m really proud to be able to say that I’ve gained an acquaintance with each of you over the past few years. You are both stand up folks, in that you each are there when others need to be able to count on you and in that you each do and say what you think is right regardless of personal considerations. The uncommon sense of decency each one of you projects is far too rare in these sad times.

    And Bill Schmalfeldt. Wow, too. But only wow. Always an oaf. Always out to gratify himself no matter what the cost to others. Always predictable. But he should remember- his current federal lawsuit is the last one he will ever file.

    David Edgren

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    • Ashterah says:

      You are too kind, David. I’m honored that you think that highly of me. Thank you.

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    • Hey, I’m just the kid in “rewrite.” This is Sarah’s day.

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      • D. Edgren says:

        No, my friend, you earned it if for no other reason today than because you found a way to honor your commitment to free speech, no matter how repugnant and ugly that speech might be and without regard to who the speaker is.

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      • Ashterah says:

        I disagree. It’s not my day. That might imply that I *wanted* this situation. Nothing of the sort. I shouldn’t have had to do this. This was not a win in my book. This was a sad loss. I just wish Bill understood this.

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      • Dave, you are much more than that! You have been a staunch friend, taking over for me on my blog when I became incapable of doing so due to blindness and other health issues. During all these months of multiple surgeries and hospital admisions you kept my blob alive, something I will be ever grateful for. God bless you my friend. You are mentioned by name in every Divine Liturgy I offer… the same as my late parents and +Connie Hoge.(Gail Schmalfeldt too).

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  8. LLC says:

    He never fails to fail. It’s the easiest thing to do.

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  9. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    It really is simple. When someone tells you to stop contacting them, you stop. Everyone already knows this except for the World’s Stupidest Man™ apparently. Stop Bill. Stop now or you face greater issues. Even you can’t be that stupid.

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    • BadgerBob says:

      He probably doesn’t understand it also includes contact via twitter. If you read this, Bill, do not @ mention Sarah again. South Carolina will enforce this no contact order per the Violence Against Women Act signed by Bill Clinton and drafted by Joe Biden RE: restraining orders. I doubt Sarah will let one unlawful contact pass by anymore.

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      • Ashterah says:

        No I won’t. I let it slide in the past. I can’t anymore.

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      • onlooker says:

        Oh, well he will do it now.

        Who am I kidding, he was always going to toe over the line at the first available opportunity, As (I heard) he attempted post-verdict, before the he even left the courtroom.

        It just sometimes seems as though when tells him of a restriction on his conduct he feels honor and duty bound to thwart that restriction.

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    • Bill Schmalfeldt- hold my beer (and by beer I mean JWR)

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    • Bill cannot stop, yhe owner of his soul will not allow him to … so sad to see Satan in action. Remember folks, Satan is my sworn enemy. Bill still defames me daily. My due, of course, because of my own actions. Remember, I was a defendant in an earlier LOLsuit too. Bill still hates *and fears) me because I admitted my wrongs, still admit them and have redeemed myself and completely changed my life. I still would undertake, at my own expense, travel to him to hear his Sacramental confession and renfer the absolution of the Church. Travel is much more difficult for me because of both partial blindness and the need to perform self dialysis on a nightly basis (10 hours out of each 24). But I will willingly do so to save Bill from the eternal fires of Hell. Your beliefs may well be different, but Bill WAS raised as a Roman Catholic so he knows better …

      Liked by 7 people

      • Toastrider says:

        With all due respect, Padre, I would hope the Devil to have more class in soul-dealing.

        I mean, COME ON, what would Cabin Boy’s shriveled spirit be worth? Box full of packing peanuts? Bag full of rocks?

        I applaud your willingness to try and redeem him, of course. Though I suspect it will be in vain, still, the effort must be made.

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      • +Amin/ I am required to try to save all souls, no matter the cost!

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  10. JeffM says:

    First (as a repetition of what I have said several times today, I congratulate Ash on her bravery and competence.

    Second, the idea that Ash is not legitimately fearful is something that Diseased Willy cannot possibly know and that is highly implausible. He is highly mobile, having traveled several thousand miles in recent months.He has said that he has discovered the addresses of Ash’s home and work place, which are a few hours drive from where he lives, and he has had military training. He has talked about the physical harm his family will do to those who distress him unduly. He has alleged that the “mob” will do favors for him. He is in an amicable, apparently close, relationship with a convicted terrorist named Brett Kimberlin, who, at a high school football game, exploded a bomb that blew off a man’s leg. Willy has been subject to peace or restraining orders in multiple states. He has indicated an interest in urinating on children and is known for misogynistic language directed at woman. He has published skits involving homosexual sex among minors and anal rape of women. He has been accused of raping a woman by someone who claims to be his cousin and to know the victim: Blustering Bill sued the accuser for libel but quickly dismissed his own suit with prejudice. In short, Ash, who is responsible for a toddler, has multiple legitimate reasons to fear Bilious Bill and his demonstrably violent coterie.

    And the idea that Blustering Bill has a right under the First Amendment to communicate to people who have requested him to leave them alone is simply ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is the notion that he has a right to communicate directly to people whom he is suing on topics irrelevant to the suit.

    I have only one minor fault to find with Ash. She believes that Witless Willie truly believes that he has a right to do what he has done. That is possibly true: it is impossible to know what is in someone’s mind. But her belief does not prove it true.


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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      that is how Dumbf5ck tries to cover his rear by denying reality.
      He tries to scare, intimidate and harass people into shutting up about him and the things he has said/done.
      When they refuse to be bullied by him and his antics and seek legal remedies he then claims “well they can’t REALLY be scared/intimidated/ or feel harassed otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what I’m trying to stop them from doing”.

      Writing the truth about Bill Schmalfeldt isn’t libel, isn’t defamation, and it damn sure isn’t illegal.
      However unwanted contacting someone AFTER you have been told to stop, AFTER you have already be served a RO concerning them, is illegal.

      I’m happy the courts saw Bill’s behaviour for what it is and acted appropriately by granting the RO.

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      • Dianna says:

        It is entirely foolish to comply with a bully. Ever.

        One scary bully in junior high made people get down and kiss her foot. I just looked at her. I told her she could have her gang put me down on the ground, but I would not kneel to her.

        It hurt. A lot. But I did not get down on my knees and kiss her foot.

        She never tried me again.

        And if you can’t figure out that I don’t live at work, you’re even stupider than you’ve so far demonstrated.

        Liked by 13 people

    • Pablo says:

      You forgot just one thing: He’s clearly, observably nuttier than a squirrel turd.

      Liked by 5 people

    • onlooker says:

      I haven’t forgotten the axes and baseball bats and assorted bloody implements with which he salts his gentle rebukes to those who dissappoint him. He displays a preoccupation with of bloody as well as malicious revenge all the time.
      I suspect he broke John’s door.

      I don’t actually know what he’s capable of but his raging and abnormal behavior is nothing a prudent person in his sights would laugh off.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Neal N. Bob says:

        You mean like this?

        That one was directed to Ash.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Raping Patrick Grady, presumably after having broken his neck? Sure, why not?

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Beheading John Hoge at work with an axe at work? The classics never go away.

        But don’t worry, everybody, no South Carolina landlords were harmed in the creation of these psychotic fantasies.

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      • gmhowell says:


        On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 10:44 PM Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

        > Neal N. Bob commented: “Beheading John Hoge at work with an axe at work? > The classics never go away. But don’t > worry, everybody, no South Carolina landlords were harmed in the creation > of these psychotic fantasies.” >

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  11. wjjhoge says:

    Having dealt with the Cabin Boy™ in court and having met Sarah (thanks for sitting with me at the steak place after the hearing Westminster), I’m not the least bit surprised by the outcome of today’s hearing. Schmalfeldt was clearly outclassed in more ways than one.

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  12. Good job today, Ash. You serve as a shining example of the proper way to deal with a nasty bully.

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  13. When you’re in the situation Bill found himself in, there’s just one good path. Say “I’ll never contact her, sorry it happened, won’t repeat it…”

    The path less taken is to tell the judge that it’s all her fault, and you had every right to contact her…and if she didn’t do X, I wouldn’t be contacting her…

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  14. crawford421 says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt’s a sociopath. He needs to be confined and supervised, for his own good. Whatever delusions he has about his “rights”, all he really has a right to is a long talk with a court-appointed psychiatrist.

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  15. I’ve wondered before why Schmaleldt seems so detached from the way other people think and react to the way he behaves, and so unable to appreciate when his behavior is inappropriate.

    I’m not any sort of mental health professional, but from my limited understanding, the obvious answer is that he’s a sociopath. Not in the joking way that a person with a misanthropic bent might refer to himself. A genuine, busted-in-the-head, no moral sense more developed than a fear of punishment, sociopath. It’s good that he’s such a sniveling coward, because a cowardly bully is much less dangerous than a fearless one.

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  16. DeplorableRican says:

    While waiting at the VA today, I researched how that is done in SC. A judge can order s probate hearing for involuntary commitment. The sheer number of RO he has collected shows he is at least a danger to others. Then we have the fact that his form of harassment is using the courts and he is a serial litigant.

    His latest lawsuit may be a very real mistake

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  17. It’s pretty obvious that anything any Lickspittle might say will always be “unsubstantiated” to Unca Biwwy. Sarah saying she had to take anti-anxiety meds because of his harassment was “unsubstantiated”. Sarah saying when she had moved was “unsubstantiated”. I wonder how he thought she was going to substantiate either.

    Of course Unca Biwwy doesn’t think he ever has to prove anything he says, because his honor is purer than the driven snow and he would never, ever lie. Except when he’s trying to get the facts for his “story” or his “law suit”, or whatever else catches his fancy as being something he just has to know even if he has no right to the info.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      That right there is the Schmaleldt I know.

      Not “Gee, that didn’t go as planned. Perhaps I should rethink my legal strategy.” He’s going with “This judge was an advocate for Mrs, Plamer” because of course he is.

      But after a dozen restraining orders, who expected a significant change in behavior?

      What I can’t figure out is how he figures that a restraining order would get Ash out of Lulzsuit VIII. I don’t get the sense that she actually wants out. With the exception of Patrick Grady, who hasn’t been heard from in public, all of the defendants appear to be looking forward to this one.

      I suspect there’s a reason for that.

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  18. lorddewclaw says:

    No cussing?

    …. dang.


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  19. onlooker says:

    Bill has no insight into his perseveration as a pathological feature of whatever the hell is wrong with him. He is not entitled to personally satisfactory answers to his every question that occupies him or that he worries over, and his peculiar repetitions are not just impertinent and asocial, but frankly abnormal, aggressive, and disturbing. He exhibited this in court per the narrative above. Interesting (as a specimen in a lab is interesting) is his conviction that he believed he was civil and entitled to an answer.

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  20. onlooker says:

    Istn’ it interesting how he retreats to conspicuously prim and respectable language, as if to comfort himself with an image of proper deportment that the court should be ashamed of not appreciating? It’s the end scene of Hitchcock’s Psycho with him right now.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. kagsundaram says:

    “It is entirely foolish to comply with a bully. Ever.”
    “It is entirely foolish to comply with a bully. Ever.”
    “It is entirely foolish to comply with a bully. Ever.”
    Three times is not enough.

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  22. onlooker says:

    I still think his perseverating on a question of exactly zero moment, that could have no effect in any case, was triggered by his feeling fearful, uneasy or worried about his own address and residency issues.

    Liked by 6 people

    • rt895 says:

      Likely true. Unfortunately LardBall doesn’t understand the difference between intrastate and interstate travel when legal residence or proper venue for tort litigation are determined… Not going farther to avoid educating the monkey..

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