Good Luck, Sarah

Today, Sarah Palmer will try to get a No Contact Order to order Bill Schmalfeldt to leave her alone. Bill is suing her, so there still may be some contact, but he has left at least one message on her cellphone, a text message and an email asking for her address. 

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are creeped out by contact with Bill Schmalfeldt, and.  

No. Make that one kind of person in the world.

MJ documents Schmalfeldt’s latest garbage here.  By the way, Bill, great job getting rid of MJ by doxxing him. Looks like you have another blogger who will write volumes about you.

I pray the judge takes into account all the perverse statements which Bill Schmalfeldt has said about Sarah, including the ones which earned him a No Contact Order last time. Her three year old grandson also had a No Contact Order on Schmalfeldt. 

Is it really so much to ask that you stop directly contacting someone when they make it clear you should stop? Really?


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