The Problem With Banning Hate Speech

The problem with banning hate speech because it might inspire violence is exactly the same problem you have banning obscene things: You’ll have to hire a group of people to monitor the hate speech, and who knows…they might become hateful haters themselves, since this stuff is apparently so convincing. Who’s going to monitor the monitors for signs of hatefulness?

The truth about hate speech is that unless it directly incites violence as in “let’s go kill a bunch of blankers…” it should not be illegal. 

If, on the other hand the leftist street protesters take to the streets, smash windows and trash a Starbucks, there are real societal implications.  This is exactly what swept the Nazis to power – a strident political message accompanied by smash-mouth street violence against those who opposed them. 

Image result for here is your safe space

I’d rather live in a country where idiots can spout off about anything they like, as long as they don’t hurt people.

Oh. Yeah. I do.


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