Lies and D*mned Lies

In the run up to Our Favorite Oaf’s most recent date with destiny in a restraining order action…

Billy Sez It won't be a peace order 614x900

See disclaimer for this and other Billy Sez images at n. 1

oh, we’ll see…

…I keep hearing him use that word. Lie. As in, “It’s all lies, lies, lies.”  In his world

Everybody Lies

For those who insist on looking for context everywhere, the context of this photo
is not meant to suggest in any way that Our Oaf is “as big as a house”2

Everyone, that is, except for The One.

Be Only One

This is not a death threat3

No, no, not that one.  This one.

Billy Sez Did I lie Prove it 614x900

In the Voluminous Victim’s pretendy-land world everybody lies- except him.

So think about that in the context of the original Billy Sez posters a minute.  It’s almost quantum mechanics.  The Monstrous Motelgoer always tells the truth.  The Billy Sez posters I created quote Bill Schmalfeldt exactly under an image that he posted on the Internet4.  And I, not being Bill Schmalfeldt, always lie.  Well.  Well?

Ahhh… screw it.

Bite me

I always hated quantum mechanics.

But anyway, the point is…

Billy Sez All I ask of my critics is 614x900

Oh, au contraire.  It’s, in my experience, The Oaf that is always moving the goalposts, not us.  The ‘normous Newshound writes about the coercion by adults and others of a 10 year old “scout” into gay sex acts.  Folks take exception to the sick mind that would even imagine a Cub Scout5 being coerced by adults and others into gay sex acts.  Billy Sez

Billy Sez Liar 614x900

Yeah, yeah… “Liar” isn’t plural.  You work with what you got. See, generally, n. 6 below

Why it never crossed his little ol’ sick mind that he was writing filth about a CUB scout.  We are all thus further discredited as lying right-wing Breitbots and such and the Titanic Truthatory continues on in the footsteps of George Washington, who likewise never told a lie6.  It’s just another day, I guess, at the vast feast that Bill Schmalfeldt puts out there for us pretty much all the time.

Billy Sez The menu You will eat you 614x900

Uhh, avoid the green ones, though.  The brown ones go without saying.

David Edgren

1 DISCLAIMER: These are images that incorporate a public domain image of and meme concerning William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland St. Francis, Wisconsin Clinton, Iowa Cupboard-Under-the-Stairs, Pretendyland Myrtle Beach, South Carolina JUST IN: New address coming soon! They contain a completely accurate down to the punctuation quote of something Mr. Schmalfeldt published on twitter or elsewhere on the Internet, as cited at the bottom right of the image. For Mr. Schmalfeldt or anyone else who might want to pretend to get all wrought up over these accurate quotes being taken out of context, you should be reassured that we agree completely that the words are without reference or any particular meaning in the form that they are quoted in the image, and in no way relate to larger contexts that could be drawn by a reasonable person from the overall body of Mr. Schmalfeldt’s writing, such as, without limit, racism, misogyny, coprophilia, sexual exploitation of children and homophobia. The quotes are intended as pure parody and are used to as such to to illustrate or elaborate upon some point involving Mr. Schmalfeldt as a public figure. The quotes should not thus be taken to impute to Mr. Schmalfeldt, without limit, any agreement, disagreement, acceptance, rejection, happiness, unhappiness, concurrence, or nonconcurrence with or of any matter raised in the associated blog post. Oh, and no small furry cute animals were harmed, either. So there.

2 Although I have to admit to snickering a bit about the rubber glove. How, err… fitting.

3 This, on the other hand…

Billy Sez If I have to die with 614x900

4 The public domain is eternally grateful to the American justice system and in particular to the words “with prejudice.” One more time!!

Billy Sez You clever boys had 614x900

5 Boys can join the Cub Scouts between 7 and 10 years of age.  Source:

6 I know, I know.  This is inconsistent with the “There can be only one” meme I was using a moment or so ago.  Well, life is compromise and so is art.  Get over it.

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2 Responses to Lies and D*mned Lies

  1. He expressly lied about my identity, and then claimed it was just part of a ploy, one that reporters and police investigators use all the time.

    Except no reporter would report a story without facts and make such statements when they obviously know the truth. And he’s not a police officer and can’t hide under that pretense.

    But, as they say, your lies will come back to haunt you…

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