How to Lie Like a Reporter

David Folkenflick was reporting on the CNN/Donald Trump feud. This report on NPR’s All Things Considered, and the anchor banter after the report, showed two important techniques a media liar uses:

  1. Miss the point.

  2. Slide in the Lie


Miss the point:

Reporters need to report the news accurately, right? Kind of. If the main message of your story is that Donald Trump is angry at CNN, and CNN is pretty mad at Trump…you can’t screw that up. 

On the other hand, if there’s a part of the story which makes fellow media brothers at CNN look bad, it is perfectly okay to miss that point.

Folkenflick mentioned that early this week CNN tracked down the original Reddit video editor who made the famous Trump v. CNN wrestling video. He said that CNN tracked down the identity of the originator, and that it became controvercial and the right was upset…leading the average listener to judge that the right is upset about the name being kept secret.  CNN tracked down the video editor, then apparently elicited an apology and a promise never to do that sort of thing again.  The right “rightly” judged this to be coersion by media.  

Folkenflick turns it to a story about the young writer for CNN who tracked down the video editor, and how the CNN writer is being hounded.  Of course that’s bad, but it ignores the fact that the right was legitimately upset because a media company doxxed a private citizen and then blackmailed them. 

Suddenly the nuance that we’ve been told was a staple of leftist thought is really gone. Trump bad. CNN good.  

It is here, at about 3:30.

Would it even make sense that “the right” would complain that the Reddit video editor was not unmasked? Other than wanting to buy that person a beer…I don’t know why the right would want this individual doxxed.  Here’s an Ace of Spades link.

Slide in the Lie

As I mentioned, you can’t totally misunderstand an entire story. But if you slide a lie into your description of some side-show part of the story, you’re fine. 

Imagine reporting on insomnia. You say to your co-anchor:

“Yeah, the night Donald Trump announced he was banning all Muslims including citizens, I couldn’t sleep at all…”

Folkenflick just casually slides in his inaccurate account of why the right is clearly upset with CNN. By the way, the time Tom Brokaw was caught sliding in the lie about Richard Jewel, it was in anchor chit chat.  Wiki. 

Miss the point deliberately…then slide the lie in where you can.


I use the word lie a lot above. That’s because if you’re going to be a reporter, and chat up the anchor…you must see and present the situation clearly and honestly.  Failure is not accidental here. It must be deliberate.

Half truth and lies are the weapons of the media. At this point, we are all spotting these distortions, so the NPR and CNN writers must know their words will be scrutinized for accuracy.

They are so dedicated to the destruction of this president that they are now willing to hurt their own brand, their own reputations to protect the narrative. Sad. 







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