Be Careful Out There

Some of the people who write about Brett Kimberlin were SWATTed. People who write about Bill Schmalfeldt get doxxed. Now, an even greater threat has emerged. Two graphics tell the story of Schmalfeldt’s ROCK SOLID case, the eighth such civil case:



Please take proper precautions.  Stay hydrated, but cover your keyboard with an absorbent material while on Twitter. Stretch the LULZ muscles before reading about either of the lawsuits in which Bill Schmalfeldt is engaged. 

I am not a lawyer, or even a Twitter attorney, but the lawyers I consult on such things have suggested that there are huge problems with Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions regarding these cases. Like not showing up. Or recording the proceedings on a cell phone. Like filing another civil case. Jurisdiction, venue, spelling, syntax, logic… Since he is 0-7 in civil litigation, and is going against some of the people who defeated him in the previous cases, perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt should get help. 



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6 Responses to Be Careful Out There

  1. Toastrider says:

    Lemme put it this way…

    If I thought for a minute I was in danger? I’d have some funds set aside and I’d either hire Randazza, or someone he recommended.

    Although considering Cabin Boy’s spectacular incompetence, that might be overkill. I might as well just hire one of the tort lawyers infesting my state. They could probably use the entertainment.

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  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Dave; you really ought to get the shielded version of the credibility meter. This one is obviously picking up background noise.


  3. Background Cedibility is a major issue in an unsheilded and ungrounded blog office. Add in the static electricity already in the air because summer storms are always on the way…and even the Kimberlin meter jumps a bit.


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