An old radio friend, Bill Colley of 1310 KLIX,  Twin Falls, Idaho wrote this  just after the attempted assasination of the Republican lawmakers:

For the better part of a decade mainstream media, Hollywood and academia have denounced right-of-center politics as dangerous.“The fellow travelers need to look in their mirrors. Then they’ll see where the problem lies.”

I attended the first two major Tea Party rallies in Washington.  In between I was at the Glenn Beck event in 2010.  Was there violence?  No hairdressers were burned, no blacks lynched and nobody was raped in a tent.  The latter happened at a leftist Occupy encampment.  Occupy rioted and burned and looted.  Jared Loughner wasn’t a Republican.  The accused Portland train killer voted for Jill Stein after supporting Bernie Sanders.

Today one of Sanders most ardent backers is alleged to have taken a rifle to a Republican baseball practice.  The fellow travelers need to look in their mirrors.  Then they’ll see where the problem lies.  Apparently if they can’t win elections they plan insurrection. 

You can’t blame all leftist, or even Bernie Sanders, for the nutjobs in their midst. But we cannot ignore the fact that Antifa, BLM, the Battles in Berkeley and as well as the riots outside Trump rallies have led up to this point.

Republicans talk a bit about guns, shoot some guns at targets and Bambie…but ironically, the left has historically had its own violent faction.

If only the left would realize that the battle will not be between left and right, but between those who will fight for civilization, and those who seek anarchy. Timothy McVeigh and James Hodgkinson are kindred spirits…now suffering in hell, I hope.

This very small subset of angry individuals is unreachable.

The far larger group of sensible liberals, conservatives and undecideds who still will support peace in the streets…that far larger group needs to be vocal. I am not talking about the center-moderate political view. I mean that there are pro-abortion people, anti-abortion people, Obama voters and Trump voters, and folks of every stripe who need to speak out against the militarizing of politics.  We can all disagree about politics, and we will. No responsible politician should endorse or encourage violence in the streets of America.

From a website: Waging Nonviolence:

As activists prepare for future demonstrations, many are rightfully concerned about the potential disruptions by those using Black Bloc tactics, which involve engaging in property destruction and physical attacks on police and others. They often appear at demonstrations dressed in black and cover their faces to disguise their identities.


Image result for #resistance

The first rule of the resistance: Be vague enough so as to NOT rule out violence. 


Part of the problem lies with those who will toss away the truth in exchange for the narrative. How about this from The Nation:


In the real world, since the end of the Vietnam era, the overwhelming majority of serious political violence—not counting vandalism or punches thrown at protests, but violence with lethal intent—has come from the fringes of the right.  

Okay, I’m not even going to Google this to prove it wrong. The first sentence proves this lie: “…since the Vietnam era…”  Yes, I suppose if you get to set the starting point of your discussion right after the era of left-wing bombings, you can pretend it’s the other guy’s fault.

The article was titled “Why Does the Far Right Hold a Near-Monopoly on Political Violence?” and was published after the Virginia shooting. So, if you ignore that a guy just shot up a bunch of of Republican lawmakers playing baseball, then the headline is nearly almost close to the truth. And the graphic which accompanies the article?

republicans guns

Many Republican candidates have included themselves using firearms in their campaign ads. From left to right, top to bottom: Kay Daly, Joni Ernst, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Eric Greitens, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Will Brooke. (original caption)


Does anyone, anyone think that guy in the center condones political violence? And than smirking gun-toting fellow in the top right? Suppose he’s going to wipe out some folks with a tactical AR Flintlock? 

This sort of rhetoric assumes that the #Resistance is a defensive action. That DJT stole the election, that we are already in a nation taken over in a coup, and only the brave movement to resist will save us. If that’s your view, and you reach for a gun, bat or pepper spray, congratulations. You’re a fascist. Your swastika is waiting at the front desk. 


Political resistance, marches, writing, arguing…that’s the American way. If you threaten those who disagree with violence, the left and right should oppose you. 


This is from an Australian protest, but the message seems universal: These guys are so smart, well-educated and wise that they will identify the fascist, kill the fascist and never sweat the details. 








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  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Why must the left complain that the right wants to do what the left is already doing, or complain that the right does things the left does at least an order of magnitude more often? Projection isn’t just a river in Egypt.

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