Everything in Moderation

It’s hard to read, but Bill Schmalfeldt tried to post this on Hogewash! earlier this month. He complains (I know, surprise) that John  does not let Schmalfeldt’s comments appear at Hogewash!.

By Bill’s analysis, this then means that John is in fact moderating the comments, and therefore has responsibility for the thoroughly nasty and often true things said about Bill Schmalfeldt.Image result for Vizzini

If I decide to edit or delete comments, then I’m moderating and as such will be sued by Schmalfeldt for things I did not say.  But clearly if I do not moderate the comments then nasty things will begin to appear here.

But am I the kind of man who would edit comments, therefore opening myself up to charges of moderating, which as we all know could lead to my being blamed for thingsI didn’t say? Clearly I’m not the kind of man who would leave nasty comments alone, as this lead to jeopardy.

Have I made my decision then?

Not remotely.


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8 Responses to Everything in Moderation

  1. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Dave my apologizes for language.

    My suggestion for bill shmalfeldt is to go to hogewash and read the F*&HING fine print.

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  2. Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

    My suggestion is for Bill Schmalfeldt, rapist, to go fuck himself. Sideways. With a rake.

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  3. Besides the fact there is no case law that says you have to moderate your blog a certain way to appeal to the deadbeats in a South Carolina Motel Room, he has another problem.

    Atty: So Mr. Schmalfeldt, do you allow people to freely comment on your blog?
    BS: Yes! Yes I do! I believe in free speech?
    Atty: What about forged speech?
    Atty: What?
    BS: Huh?
    Atty: I was talking about Mark in Maryland.

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    • Pablo says:

      Not only is there no case law that says you have to, there’s black letter law that says you’re not responsible to the writings of commenters on your site.

      DUMBFUCK already knows this, but of course, he’s a DUMBFUCK. Perhaps he thinks he can wish 47 U.S.C. § 230 into the corn.

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      • I think he very much takes after his excellent friend in their matching belief in the power of magical thinking.

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      • It’s Magical Realism Case Law! In MRCL, Blobbert gets to decide what standards are applied, and to whom, across the entire internet, because he believes, so hard, that that’s the way it ought to be! In MRCL, it doesn’t matter what image of himself Blobbert presents to the world; if he doesn’t like the opinions people form of him based on what he puts out there, that makesit defamation!

        Guess what, Fatsack? MRCL isn’t a thing. If you don’t want to be judged as a man who faked Parkinson’s for an early retirement, don’t do things [and announce them to the world] that a person with actual, non-fake PD either could not, or would not, do. For just a TOTALLY RANDOM example: If I had a progressive neurological disorder that had forced me to retire on disability and rendered me unable to drive safely…I wouldn’t later be driving, at all, much less bragging to the internet about the thousands of miles I had driven around the country, in a few months, even more less starting a gofundme for a whirlwind driving tour of the contiguous 48.

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