“No Smoking Gun”

Project Veritas catches CNN producer admitting that the stories are BS.

I don’t really like undercover reporting, and ‘gotcha’ journalism, but how much can CNN complain?  I hate fake advocacy dressed up as news even more.

CNN and the other news outlets are actually willing to ruin their brand…if it means bringing down this president. 

Note to CNN: The president is not Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. You can’t just make stuff up, and call it news. 

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2 Responses to “No Smoking Gun”

  1. CNN brought it on themselves. As did most of the MSM. They produce fake “news”, they don’t report real news. If they had actually been doing their purported jobs, O’Keefe probably wouldn’t have ever even considered starting Project Veritas.

    Sometimes one has to think or even act like a criminal to catch a criminal.

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  2. Dilligas says:

    I’m stuck in a quandary here. I’m not sure I can believe this is a CNN employee. I’d like to believe this “evidence”; but, I can’t believe that CNN would hire such an individual. I have to presume that this is either a poor re-enactment or #fakenews and it should be blatantly obvious to everyone. On the slim chance it is an actual CNN employee, his days are obviously numbered. Oh, not for what he says on the video; but, for the audacity to carry around that cup of hate he’s drinking from; for having the gall to have eaten at that bigoted chicken-n-pickles place; for his wanton, shameless display of his own bigotry; his failure to maintain a safe space for his co-workers, — need I go on? He’s probably already been summoned to the HR office to explain himself…


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