Children of Darkness

A 1970’s voice over of a documentary on teenage mental illness, over clips of social justice warriors.

Whoever did this is a genius. Also, I think that’s Peter Thomas (on part two of the video) who narrated Forensic Files. Great voice. 

The great enthusiasm shown by the SJWs is not a good thing. They have no idea that they might be wrong. Forget that they ARE wrong. They cannot be open to the notion that they are wrong, that their violence is unjustified, and that they should sit, listen and think. This deficit makes them Social Justice warriors.

They are not the hopeful, anti-war hippies, promoting free speech. They are the coddled T-ball and juicebox generation.

Having seen political results nationwide which go against their values…they think yelling, dressing as ninjas and shouting down everybody else are perfect strategies for the 21st century.

Many thanks to Scott Adams, for not suing me. Yet. Gonna hope I’m forgiven.

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1 Response to Children of Darkness

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Those people in the video with the huge, squared-off black moustaches?

    Literally Hitler.


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