Not Stupid, Necessarily

Bill Schmalfeldt would not have to be stupid to do the things he does.

Bill Schmalfeldt has no empathy. His deficit in this area is his monumental downfall.

Empathy allows the rest of us to anticipate each other’s actions. If I can “read” you, I can figure out your emotional state, relative personal stubbornness and the likelihood that we can get along. I can anticipate what will tick you off, and act accordingly.

Again and again, Bill Schmalfeldt not only misjudges people, and their likely responses…but he finds exactly the wrong people to doxx online.

Sarah Palmer of BillySez, John Hoge of Hogewash!, Aaron Walker and now MJ Rodriguez of Sonoran Conservative. These are all folks Bill figured would be bullied.

A recent  Sonoran Conservative post indicates that MJ is not intimidated into silence:

“Murum Aries Attigit”


MJ’s response was measured, mature and definitive. Most folks who read this blog know that the phrase above mean roughly “if you choose to take this further, I will not give you mercy.”

So, as a public service announcement to Bill Schmalfeldt, a word of caution:

  1. When you read nasty things about yourself, especially exaggerated statements which are actually protected speech, you have right to be upset. We all would be. What you don’t have a right to do is reach into the real lives of your supposed ‘tormentors’ and try to get them fired, loose their businesses etc. (See note below)
  2. When you find out the real name of an individual, you did not actually “get” them. All you have done is identify someone. On the several occasions in which you have tried to turn it to your advantage, never has it helped you. Our friends, associates, employers and even total darned strangers like US more than they like YOU. This is not likely to ever change.
  3. See Mr. Hoge and the volunteer organization which recently honored the late Mrs. Hoge if number 3 is confusing.
  4. On more than one occasion you have “doxxed” people by simply following the link provided when we signed up for WordPress. You found my real name on my blog, linked to my comments. This should not be a reason for pride. This is not even investigative reporting.
  5. I had posted very little on my blog until you doxxed me. (My real name was on the blog, along with my long-time employer.) Then, I wrote about you and the clicks just kept on coming. Sara Palmer has been threatened with…I dunno…thunder from the skies. She is posting more and more. MJ (Sonoran Conservative) is now posting nearly every day, and it seems a lot of it will be about you.
  6. Please reread #5. Everything you’ve done…every doxx, every threat…and every disgusting comment has worked against you because people do not react as you imagine they will. You seem to expect that people will fold up like a lawn chair.  
  7. People will never decide to leave you alone because you told them to. No one becomes less motivated to write about you because you mentioned their scrotum, or you’ve imagined that they are a “nasty girl…” This might require some explanation. People — including yourself — hate being bullied.  Nobody else is a pushover, either. You figure your actions are “sticking up for Schmalfeldt,” but you seem to think that the Hoge, Palmer, Walker, Howell and Rodriguez families are going to be bullied by you, because you know our real names.
  8. Never. Never will that work.

Be well. 

Note: Some of the Lickspittles may have contacted Bill Schmalfeldt’s employer at a radio station, and contacted the company which managed the apartment complex where he was living, and informed them of the topics which seem to interest Bill. I don’t actually support this, anymore than I supported the time Bill Schmalfeldt called social services on a family just to be wicked. Or when he Tweeted my employer and suggested I was saying things about him on company time. Or many other examples in which Bill Schmalfeldt threatened to ruin the lives of individuals just for saying things about him. He has tried as hard as he can to cause mayhem in the lives of others. It never works.

Karma. It’s not just for chameleons.  

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19 Responses to Not Stupid, Necessarily

  1. Pablo says:

    Remember when Bill Schmlafeldt was gonna show David Edgren a thing or two? And remember how David Edgren made Bill Schmalfeldt dismiss his LOLsuit WITH PREJUDICE and run screaming halfway across the country with his skirt pulled over his head?

    That. Was. Awesome.

    Oh, did I mention that Bill Schmalfeldt has once again done the very thing that made him so susceptible to Dave’s tender legal mercies?

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  2. I should note that I have never been afraid of being doxxed. That’s like saying, “Hey, there is a person there!” Ya think?

    Now that he knows my name, so what? He’s going to sue me? OK. Do it!

    Now what? I’m going to settle with him? Why? What makes him think he has a case? What did I do to him that makes me scared to take him on?

    Does he really think people will do exactly as he thinks?

    He posted a podcast that very few people will have listened. And the people that do listen are those who are watching him and most likely not sympathetic. I would even venture to guess that they would like to see him get his comeuppance for all his stupidity.

    Having information does not give you clout or power, ESPECIALLY, if you are a deadbeat living in a roach infested motel room in South Carolina with a woman who is even worse off financially and owns an expensive cat.

    His harassment may have worked for him in the past against others, but I’ve been studying him for the last five years, watching what he says and how others have responded. Let’s just say that his often repeated tactics, as you have so clearly articulated, have had the exact opposite. Every. Single. Time.

    The last thing he needs to worry about is my future or whether it is in danger. It’s not in danger from him at all and his preening and swipes on the internet do nothing to change that.

    The ironic thing is that he thinks he is consequence proof from his actions. John Hoge is about to put him on the stand to answer for his reckless defamation. I most likely will get the same result when it’s my turn. The power of the Federal Government cannot save him simply because he is receiving benefits. I’m certain that courts will not view anti-garnishment legislation as a shield to protect harassers like him.

    Murum Aries Attigit

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  3. JeffM says:

    I think Dave is exactly right: Witless Willie is not stupid in the sense of having a low IQ. Rather Willie acts stupidly because he has no feeling for other people.

    Woebegone Willie is perfectly capable of putting together a plausible tale, particularly a tale plausible to those as uneducated as he is. For example, it is indeed defamation per se to say falsely that someone has a loathsome disease. So it seems plausible to assert that it is defamation per se to say falsely that someone does not have a pitiable disease. Plausible, but incorrect legally. Let’s admit, however, putting together plausible stories requires decent intelligence.

    But it never occurred to Worthless Willie….

    (Hold on there, jefe, how do you know he is worthless?

    Simple: he has told two different courts he is a pauper with no meaningful net worth. Now, as I was saying before I was interrupted)

    It never occurred to Worthless that annoying others would induce them to examine his stories. No one in the world would have an opinion, let alone express the opinion, that Worthless was faking a disease if he had not triggered the ire or disgust for them to pay attention to him. Nobody would comment on whether or not he had a girlfriend or whether or not the alleged bedmate (if it is a human female) is the ugliest woman in six states.

    Willie Wails because he has no clue how others will react to his actions. It has been truly said many times that the numerous blogs now devoting considerable attention to his antics would die on the vine or find new topics if he stopped insulting and threatening others. He simply does not grasp that when he annoys those better educated, more intelligent, or less impulsive than he is, he will deservedly be mocked. When he annoys those better educated, more intelligent, and less impulsive than he is, the deserved mockery will be humiliating.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      Actually, he’s told four courts he is worthless:

      Maryland Federal court;
      Illinois Federal court;
      South Carolina Federal court;
      Maryland state court.

      …as far as we know.

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  4. BadgerBob says:

    When my Dad retired and had a lot of time on his hands and I would visit him, he was always ranting about the fights he was getting online with people about sports and politics. It was making him miserable and we as a family convinced him these spats online were harmful mentally and physically and not worth his time. He took things way too serious. He would have a short fuse with my Mom because he was upset with people on the internet. Why let someone online who you don’t know ruin your day and relationships in life?

    I think many retired people fall into this trap. My two Uncles were similar to my Dad when they first retired.

    After our intervention, Dad found several new hobbies to occupy his time, especially landscaping the yard. Whenever I’m at Mom and Dad’s house and sitting outside with them in the front yard people will stop their car on the street and tell my parents what a beautiful yard. It really is the nicest yard in the neighborhood by far.

    I agree with others that Bill doesn’t seem to have empathy for others, but I do think he is obsessive and compulsive and like many disabled and retired hasn’t learned the lesson the internet is just the internet; fun at times, educational at times, but not real life.

    When Bill gets his own place and becomes a domiciled legal SC resident, I would recommend to him to not subscribe to the internet for 2 months. See how better you feel after 2 months without the internet. Don’t check “lickspittle sites” for 2 months on your cell and see how posts about you dwindle.

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    • crawford421 says:

      My Dad — who always had quite a temper when we were kids — had some conflicts with some other old farts where he had breakfast.

      So he started going someplace else.

      Problem solved.

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    • Toastrider says:

      I can’t agree more with this. I’ve had to ‘walk away’ from certain forums for at least a few days to simmer down, and there’s at least one game whose online community was so toxic, I punched out of it because it was more stress to play the game than it was worth.

      Life is too short as is. Don’t imbibe psychological toxins you can’t absorb.

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  5. w says:

    I think he has no empathy for himself either.

    I myself can get pretty much anything right on my third try; if not the second (or even the first; it happens). But any time I botch something 4 or more times in a row I reevaluate not only my tactics but also myself. There’s been more than a couple of times I’ve walked away from a game I determine I can’t win. I do the same thing with people too.

    I wouldn’t keep putting my hand on a hot stove.

    I wouldn’t keep playing a poker game where I consistently and constantly lose increasing sums of money.

    Some things I won’t even attempt regardless the odds my succeeding are better than they appear. Parachuting and rock climbing come to mind-

    Paul Krendler has to be stunned that no matter how many times he pulls out the red cape Bill charges, full of sound and fury. Might as well be watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

    At this point I can’t take my eyes off the train running at full speed for a bridge that’s out.

    And yet- For all the Schmalfeldt PLM, I’m fascinated to see what happens in the end to Brett Kimberlin, The Speedway Bomber and Collector of Democrat donations. The courtroom is NOT the end of what John Hoge has planned for Brett. Betcha-

    I hope, at the end of all this, John writes a book.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      Paul Krendler has to be stunned that no matter how many times he pulls out the red cape Bill charges, full of sound and fury. Might as well be watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

      Not really. That would be akin to saying I was stunned that everytime I drop something, it hits the floor.

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  6. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    “Bill Schmalfeldt would not have to be stupid to do the things he does.”

    True, but it’s testament to the alleged man’s commitment that he is.

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    • My post was a kinda-response to all the folks who say he is just stupid. There are limits to his knowledge (even on the subject which he claims to have mastered) but actual stupidity does not usually get folks in trouble. Hubris? Lack of impulse control? Inability to judge others’ next move…these will get you in trouble. People have been joking about Hoge playing 3-D chess with Bill —- except Bill’s playing with checkers. Chess requires strategy beyond the phrase “yeah. I meant to do that.”

      He sued an attorney, and a retired attorney. Not the moves of someone with strategic skills.

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  7. I’ve actually *had* a dropped coin land on its edge, after several bounces…

    It happens.

    Of course, I do exert an unusual influence on what we speak of as “luck”…


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