A Rough Literal Translation of Johnny Depp

Original story here.



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2 Responses to A Rough Literal Translation of Johnny Depp

  1. BadgerBob says:

    I would generally say this is awful and it is, but I don’t want them to stop. They’re going to elect more Republicans in 2018 when the Russia collusion/obstruction crap falls apart. It already is petering out … Fox News is back to #1 and people are getting really tired of the story, see recent Harvard-Harris poll.

    Now if Trump would quit mentioning it and goes back to a 24/7 jobs and economy message, I’ll be a happy camper.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    There was an actor assassin Booth, and, well, he was also a Democrat. There was Oswald, who was a communist, Guiteau who was part of the idealist communistic Oneida community, Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist…

    Of them all, Booth was the least far left, but then acting is one of those career paths with a strong compulsion toward the people doing it toward leftist philosophy. I don’t know if that is always and everywhere, but in the last 300 years in the west it’s seemed to be the case.

    So there you go. The left is dangerous to the presidency. Even when the president is on the left. Because he’ll never be far enough to suit the Czolgosz’s of the world.

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