Even They Get It

and JUSTICE KAGAN, agreed that 15 U. S. C. §1052(a) constitutes
viewpoint discrimination, concluding:
(a) With few narrow exceptions, a fundamental principle of the
First Amendment is that the government may not punish or suppress
speech based on disapproval of the ideas or perspectives the speech
conveys. From the decision in Matal v. Tam (the Slants Case.)

The decision allows trademarks with dispariging names. The musical group The Slants is all Asian, and use the derogatory term to defuse it. It’s refreshing to see just a short agreement from the above mentioned justices that free speech should not be punished or supressed based upon the “disaproval of ideas.” 

Because that is exactly what these thugs want.

Go to this link for more on Antifa, a growing domestic terrorist group.


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