Unlike Bill Schmalfeldt…

…the Cub Scouts are an honorable thing.  So, for that matter, are the Boy Scouts.  But Our Oaf being, well… our oaf, he insists on continuing to live in the pretendy-land that only exists in his big soft head.

What f-cking Cub Scout jokes

Schmalfeldt can wish it away all he wants, but he excreted a podcast a couple of years ago where “boy scouts” in the 10 year old or so range were coached and coerced into, among other things, anal sex by evil adult leaders who were, according to him, right-wing Christian Breitbots, or something.  He has repeatedly characterized this as “humor” and has re”broadcast” it probably hundred of times in his “radio shows” on the net.  He is obviously quite proud of what others easily recognize as sick homoerotic fantasy and the product of a diseased and depraved mind.

Some have called it a work of child pornography.  Bill Schmalfeldt takes great umbrage at this characterization, but his outrage is as patently phony as his patriotism.  It is fairly apparent that he actually hates the country he lives in, because the beliefs and ideals of the people who live in about 90% of it don’t comport with his notion of a good and decent nation.  Schmalfeldt is a hater.  His blog on one recent day was titled “Americans are Stupid,” or some such.  He hates the institutions our country is built on.  He hates our representative democracy.  When he finally gets pounded into the ground in the various lawsuits he is involved in he will hate the court system.   He hates the Cub and Boy Scouts.  He hates me.  He hates you.

Try substituting the generic terms “child” and “children” for his references to “scouts” in your mind if you ever have the misfortune to hear one of Schmalfeldt’s little “radio” skits (yes, there was, as I recall, more than one).  Do you think he should be left alone around children or other vulnerable persons?  I don’t.  In my opinion the Bill Schmalfeldts of the world should be cast out of decent society and shunned.  He is a miserable excuse for a human being.

Oh, and he missed the window on the bet I proposed a post ago.  His confidence in his ultimate success in avoiding dismissal of his South Carolina lawsuit is so low he wouldn’t risk a five dollar bill

Five Dollar Billy Sez Be well 800x350

against a possible payoff by me and another reader of this blog of $200 to the charity of his choice to the extent that I would be proved wrong.

Sniveling coward.

David Edgren



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5 Responses to Unlike Bill Schmalfeldt…

  1. JeffM says:

    Willie is a self-admitted pauper. We must consider the possibility that he does not have 5 dollars.

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  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Wouldn’t the self same skits he is currently denying, be those that he submitted (trans)scripts of to some court or another in some law lulzsuit?


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